growing a marijuana plantPolice officers worry that they won’t recognize this as a marijuana plant!

If It Looks Like a Duck It Must Be… Camouflage Growing a Marijuana Plant!

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck… except when you’re growing a marijuana plant with leaves that look like a duck’s foot!

This camouflaged approach to growing outdoor marijuana is courtesy of Dutch Passion seed company, one of the most innovative and sophisticated cannabis seed companies based in The Netherlands.

The Dutch government has increasingly attacked the Dutch cannabis industries, and  as a result many Dutch seed companies have now outsourced seed production to Spain and other countries.

This is causing problems with low germination rate, lack of genetic consistency, and poor bud quality when you’re growing a marijuana plant from seeds produced by some commercial Dutch seed companies.

Dutch Passion is one of few Dutch cannabis seed companies that retains direct control over strain research, seed breeding, and production, and it’s earning increasing market share by pleasing longtime customers and attracting more and more new customers.

The key to their increasing success is friendly customer service that helps growers, and their continuing work that pushes the boundaries of genetics and strain development to create new options for growers.

We hear rave reviews about Dutch Passion strains grown from the most northernmost countries on earth such as Denmark, to hot countries like Jamaica and South Africa!

As we outlined in our article on the founder of Dutch Passion that you can read here, Dutch Passion is a pioneer of autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds.

Their website is extremely user friendly, in multiple languages, contains grow reports you usually only find on cannabis grower forums, and gives you useful explanations of why and how to grow Dutch Passion strains.

Unlike most other Dutch marijuana seed companies, Dutch Master is happy to communicate with North American growers.

And in our networking with them as marijuana journalists, we can tell they love growing and are very knowledgeable about it.

What I enjoy most about Dutch Passion is they experiment with cannabis genetics to create novel strains for specific uses.

Perhaps the best example of this is “Frisian Duck.”

As you can see from the photo of Frisian Duck directly below and in the main image for this article, it has camouflaged leaves!

growing a marijuana plant

Frisian Duck features a deliberate breeding in of a leaf trait mutation that makes the strain’s leaves look kind of like a webbed duck’s foot.

This mutation doesn’t negatively affect yield or potency, as many mutations do.

Instead, it provides a form of camouflage when you’re growing a marijuana plant outdoors and are worried that regular cannabis leaves visible outdoors might get you ripped off or busted.

The strain especially looks like a non-marijuana plant during grow phase and into mid-bloom.

It’s so good at being camouflaged that Scottish police officials issued a warning to police officers advising them not to be fooled by the unique leaf format of Frisian Duck.

Frisian Duck is based on a visually beautiful Dutch Passion strain called Frisian Dew.

Both Frisian Dew and Frisian Duck produce buds worth growing just for the unique deep purple, burgundy, vermillion, and red floral clusters.

Frisian Dew and Frisian Duck are genetically balanced strains with equal shares of Sativa and Indica.

They’re engineered more for outdoor and greenhouse growing than for indoor growing, but Frisian Duck can be grown indoors.

You’ll get medium yields of beautiful purple flowers that have 18-20% THC, delicious scent and taste, and produce a workable high that has more Sativa than Indica to it.

Dutch Passion is known for collaborating with cannabis experts and other seed companies.

They’ve collaborated with autoflowering pioneer “The Joint Doctor.”

Their latest collaboration is with grow guru Jorge Cervantes to produce a resinous Indica-dominant strain called Jorge’s Diamonds.

growing a marijuana plant

This hardy, gooey Jorge’s Diamond bud pictured directly above is great for growers who want to produce rosin, bubblehash, dry sift, kief, and other cannabis concentrates because it produces a high percentage of resin glands.

Growing a marijuana plant outdoors comes with special risks from attackers, so it’s good that Jorge’s Diamonds has special characteristics that make it resistant to spider mites, aphids, and other pests that like to chomp cannabis.

Known for its lovely scent and taste (a combination of berries and honey), and a functional, dreamy, medicinal high, Jorge’s Diamonds tests high in THC, but also in THCV, CBD, and CBN, giving it extra medicinal benefits that many cannabis strains lack.

Dutch Passion is among the top commercial seed companies in the world with regards to customer service and providing information about their strains.

Several of my grower friends say Dutch Passion and Subcool TGA Genetics are the two most reliable and genetically adventurous marijuana seed companies in the world.

We’ll be featuring other superb Dutch Passion marijuana strains in upcoming articles, so stay tuned.

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