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How to Buy the Best Marijuana

Many of us grow our own marijuana because we got tired of the hassles and cost of buying marijuana.

With legalization of cannabis dispensaries, and other easier methods of obtaining marijuana, more people are buying marijuana, and that’s good for growers.

If you’re ever in a situation where you have to buy marijuana, here’s how to know if the marijuana you’re buying is worth buying…

Look at the buds with a magnifying glass.

Most marijuana potency is contained in resin glands that resemble a clear golf ball on a tee.

Bad quality buds have resin glands that look like the tee fell over and the resin gland has shrunk or disappeared. High quality buds have resin glands that are still round, clear or amber, and well-formed.

Also use your magnifying glass to see if buds are contaminated with debris, insect poop, animal hairs, dust, or other junk.

Find the specific marijuana strains that give you the effects you want from marijuana.

Each of us has specific effects we want from marijuana.

Some want “medical” effects such as pain relief, appetite enhancement, sedation, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Others want euphoria, enhanced sexual pleasure, relaxation, hallucinations, and fun.

It used to be that marijuana could be categorized into two different categories (Sativa and Indica).

Sativa was said to be stimulating and Indica was said to be sedating.

Nowadays, marijuana strains are often Indica/Sativa hybrids that have a wider range of effects— they can be stimulating and sedating at the same time.

If you’re at a cannabis dispensary, tell a staff member what effects you’re looking for.

When you buy cannabis from a seller for the first time, buy 2-4 grams of several strains.

Try those strains when your head is clear. Observe the effects, and choose the strains you most enjoy.

Online marijuana strain websites are also useful, such as this one.

Look for cannabis that has clean, strong smell and taste.

Properly-grown, dried, and cured marijuana will have pleasant and/or strong scent and taste.

Cannabis scents and taste most often include those described as pine, turpentine, skunk, citrusy, flowery, diesel, cherry, or fruity.

Smell, appearance, and taste can give you an indication of whether the buds are bad for you. If buds smell like mold, mildew, fungus, chemicals, or if they have no smell or taste, that could be an indicator of bad quality.

If the buds are dark brown or black, lacking any golden, reddish, or green color, they’re probably schwag.

In some cases, you have to slightly crush or handle a bud to release the terpenoids and other compounds.

If you’re able to handle buds before you buy them, be alert as to whether the bud is bone-dry or slightly “springy.” Slightly springy is better.

Overdrying and underdrying are two big problems in how marijuana is processed after it’s harvested.

When you sample buds using combustion, if they’re hard to light, hard to keep lit, and they don’t burn easily to a white ash, they’re polluted with excess fertilizers.

Buy direct from a marijuana grower whenever possible.

Being able to speak to the grower who produced the marijuana you want to buy is a real plus.

Ask the grower what methods and materials he or she used, how long ago the buds were harvested, in what kind of containers and temperature/humidity they’ve been stored, whether, what kind, and when poisons or other materials were sprayed on the cannabis plants while they were in flowering cycle.

Find out how many days the crops were flushed before harvesting (flushing means only giving plants pure water instead of water and nutrients, during the last days before harvest).

If the crops weren’t flushed at all, or if they weren’t flushed at least 5 days, don’t buy them  unless they were grown organically in soil with no added fertilizers.

Focus on whether the marijuana grower or retailer appears to be a chill person, or a bad vibes person. Don’t buy from negative people. Don’t buy from people who use poisons on their crops.

Check the price

Price isn’t always an indicator of cannabis quality, but it often is. You get what you pay for. Mids and brown schwag cost $150 an ounce or less, but they aren’t potent buds and are often poorly grown and polluted with poisons.

Premium marijuana with high levels of THC and other cannabinoids costs between $200-450 an ounce, and between $10-18 per gram.

If you’re in a non-legalized marijuana state, prices could be even higher.

Some people buy mail order marijuana, or they find marijuana on Craigslist.

If you’re in Colorado or Washington, it’s soooo easy to buy incredible marijuana and know exactly what you’re getting. There are even direct deliver courier services.

You can see why one of the main reasons most people start growing their own marijuana is it’s less expensive, safer, and more fun than buying marijuana, especially if you’re a chronic user who goes through an ounce or more per month.

If you want to become a professional, happy marijuana grower, has dozens of articles to expertly guide you in that endeavor. Growing marijuana is an incredible hobby or career!

The main thing to remember if you’re purchasing marijuana is always start by buying small amounts, sample those buds several times, and then you’ll gradually begin to accumulate enough data and experience to know where to buy quality marijuana that gives you the high and/or medical marijuana effects you want.

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