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Building a Pro Medical Marijuana Hydroponics Grow Room the Easy Way

If the world ever gets so chill that you could walk into Home Depot and buy a how-to book on building a professional medical marijuana grow room, the book to buy would be Marijuana Made Simple: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Like a Pro.

Before I read this book, I knew it would be a good one because it’s published by Green Candy Press, an edgy, San Francisco-based alternative press that publishes everything from expert marijuana cultivation books to futuristic novels like Dolltopia and books on kinky sex.

When I started reading Marijuana Made Simple, I was moved by the biographical opening chapter written by the book’s author, “Mediman.”

He tells of being born with a rare disease that alters how his body processes copper intake. He wasn’t aware of what disease he had until doctors gave him a formal diagnosis when he was in his mid-’20s. But during his childhood and teenage years, he was very aware of a disease symptom: his brain didn’t function like it should.

He suffered racing thoughts, and too many thoughts at a time. The disease hampered his ability to think and speak in ways that other people understood.

When Mediman was 14, he first tried medical marijuana. It slowed down his thoughts and made his brain work in a “normal” way so his thoughts were more organized and properly timed.

Thus began his welcome reliance on medical cannabis, and his realization that only by growing his own connoisseur marijuana could he be assured of his medicine’s quality, potency and safety.

Reading this book, you can tell Mediman has his thoughts very well-organized. He has given us an eminently practical, step-by-step picture/word guide to building and outfitting a professional indoor hydroponics medical marijuana grow room, even if you’ve never built one before.

From insulating walls to controlling air to hanging lights, he makes it so easy that even a guy like me who has no skills in home renovation or repair could follow the book and make a pro hydroponics marijuana grow room.

As I read his instructions on how to format a room from start to finish, I imagined myself procuring the materials and tools, following the instructions and seeing the grow room finished.

Stunning Photos, Professional Info & Step by Step Marijuana Growing Guide

Documentary visuals are important in any how-to book, and they’ve sometimes been lacking in hydroponics marijuana cultivation books. Mediman’s photos are sharply-focused and expertly sequenced. His text is accurate, and easy to understand.

Mediman has career training as a product designer and product educator who designed goods and systems, and created his own technical manuals for these inventions.

His professional communications experience is quite obvious when you examine his book, with its hundreds of photos and step-by-step instructions that greatly simplify the rather complicated process of building a medical hydroponics marijuana grow room.

Mediman takes you through every step of hydroponics marijuana grow room build-out. He goes further, providing concise instructions on medical marijuana growing, flushing, drying, curing and medicating. The book covers soil growing, hydroponics, and everything in between!

Leaving nothing to chance, Mediman completely explains all you need to know to grow premium medical marijuana in a cost-efficient, technically-advanced high-yielding indoor grow setting.

Given the vast amount of so-so information about hydroponics nutrients that you see online and elsewhere, I give special props to Mediman for his accurate, modernized advice regarding hydroponics nutrients.

He points out that you should only use hydroponics nutrients designed specifically for medical marijuana. He also advises that when you’re evaluating hydroponics nutrients companies, you’re looking for a company with an extensive website with lots of product information and cultivation information.

To be sure, we benefit from owning a library of grow books like Mediman’s Marijuana Made Simple. I can only say that If Mediman’s book had been available when I first started out, I would have built a better first grow room, and avoided a lot of grow room mistakes that cost me time, lost bud, and money.

​Marijuana Made Simple ​is a sturdily-bound, beautifully-presented and technically accurate book ideal for newbies, hobbyists and personal supply growers who want to increase the yield, potency and value of their medical marijuana. I look forward to the day when it’s front and center in the how-to books rack at Home Depot!

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