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New BudLabs Marijuana App is Your Yield-Boosting Grow Op Consultant

When it comes to dosing instructions for hydroponics nutrients and performance, many marijuana growers have voiced their frustrations with the associated tasks and outcomes.

Why? Well, the main reason is that most hydroponics companies sell unreliable nutrients.

Even when used as directed, the nutrients on offer can underfeed, overfeed, or otherwise hurt your plants.

Growers see problems occurring in their crops and wonder why these issues are happening. In many cases, it’s the nutrients that are to blame.

Feed charts are often generic, and that’s also part of the problem. Marijuana plants do best with specific and different ratios of nutrients depending on age, strain, lighting, and what kind of system they’re grown in.

BigMike Straumietis, founder of international hydroponics nutrients company Advanced Nutrients, has recognized these problems that growers face and so has given the community a bulletproof solution to get customized hydroponics nutrient-dosing instructions.

Bringing together scientists, growers, and mobile app developers, BigMike’s team have worked for several years to create a new-generation interactive marijuana nutrients calculator, called BudLabs.

“We asked growers what they wanted from a hydroponics nutrients marijuana app,” BigMike explained. “They told us. We made the BudLabs app so no matter your level of experience or how you grow, BudLabs makes it easy to get bigger production from your grow room.”

BigMike revealed that the BudLabs app uses data about your grow-op particulars to give you a customized feed program.

“BudLabs combines exclusive algorithms and our insider knowledge about maximizing deep water culture, soilless, coco coir, rockwool, ebb and flow, aeroponics, and other cannabis growing systems. The BudLabs marijuana app is your very own grow consultant.”

This new and intuitive app takes the guesswork out of marijuana nutrients dosing, providing the grower with precise mixing instructions.

You get descriptions of hydroponics base nutrients and supplements that maximize growth rate, root mass, plant health, photosynthesis, early bud development, bud ripening, cannabinoid and terpenoid production, and harvest weight.

“You even get a direct app connection to cannabis growing experts on our grower support team,” BigMike added.

The BudLabs marijuana app also has a store locator feature so you can contact and find hydroponics grow shops closest to you.

“Our hydroponics nutrients are the only ones made for cannabis plants, and our BudLabs app is the only app made for growers like you,” BigMike said. “Take advantage of this technological breakthrough today. It makes growing easier and more profitable.”

BudLabs is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Download BudLabs for iOS now!

There is also a version compatible with Android devices. Download it on Google Play today!

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