Bowling for the Subconscious: Using Marijuana for Success

Here’s an amazing truth: you can use marijuana as a portal to your subconscious mind… the mind that keeps your heart beating, your breath going in and out, your hair growing.

You can use marijuana to access your subconscious mind and program yourself for more success, happiness, and health.

The process starts with you realizing that you can plant success-oriented ideas and images in your subconscious mind.

Beginning more than a century ago, scholars, scientists, and theorists documented the existence of the subconscious, and came up with ways to use it as a mechanism for success and healing.

The subconscious is an inner world of buried memories, ideas, trauma, and beliefs…many of them encoded in you since childhood.

When I first started using marijuana, my subconscious mind revealed itself to me. You might have had the same thing happen to you when you use cannabis.

Sometimes I experienced it as paranoia. My thoughts became worried, afraid, desperately anxious.

Other times I experienced it as sadness or depression. I was aware of tearful thoughts I’d never noticed before.

The thoughts were cruel. “You’re a loser.” “You’ll never be worth anything.” “You’ll never find true love.”

I’d always thought of myself as a mentally healthy person. Where were these bad thoughts coming from, I asked.

It wasn’t that the marijuana made me hallucinate or imagine things. It was that the marijuana stripped away layers of my daily conscious self, revealing other selves underneath.

I got an old book from the 1960’s titled Psycho-Cybernetics. I know, the title is weird and old school. But the book rocked.

It gave me a clear method of accessing and changing my subconscious.

First, powerful guided imagery to relax my body and remove it from my thoughts.

Then, choosing a specific behavior or thought to work on in my subconscious.

I’d recently gone out on dates with a beautiful stoner girl who loved bowling even more than she loved marijuana.

She did well. I bowled terribly. She laughed at me.

So I looked at bowling videos. How to hold and swing the ball. How to do the approach. How to aim and release the ball.

I practiced by myself at the bowling alley, without her knowing it. I still sucked, and I gave up trying to learn.

But then I decided to put Psycho-Cybernetics to the test. I smoked a strong Kush marijuana five days in a row while doing the body relaxation and subconscious programming.

The way I programmed myself was by “seeing” myself doing a perfect bowling technique over and over.

I looked at myself doing it, as if I was some other person watching.

And felt myself doing it. Standing in the proper prep position and location. The weight of the ball. The several steps I’d take as I approached the foul line, swinging the ball, aiming to hook so it’d hit between the one and three pins.

After my Psycho-Cybernetics sessions I didn’t feel much different than before, nor did I practice bowling in real life.

It was all in my head.

On my next date with stoner bowling girl, I followed the book’s advice about what to do in real life situations that you’ve been programming yourself for.

The book said to relax. Don’t think or try…just let your subconscious mind’s automatic success mechanism take over and do the work for you.

The girl watched in amazement as I threw strike after strike. So did I. It was effortless, and almost kind of funny how magical it seemed.

I’d never bowled higher than a 97 before. Yet this time I bowled 173, 195, and 214. Without even trying.

It was like I was a puppet and some invisible force was making me bowl like a pro!

So that’s how marijuana and the power of the subconscious mind worked for bowling.

The marijuana slowed my thoughts down and sedated me so I’d be in the mental space to do the cybernetics. I followed the book’s advice and it worked. No doubt about it.

In future articles, you’ll get valuable information about using marijuana to transform your subconscious mind to get rid of negative thoughts, emotions, and bad experiences so you’re getting the most joy and success in your life.

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