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Black Market Marijuana Growing Success Secrets

I did a cannabis sampling business trip to Colorado and Oregon, home of thriving legal cannabis retailers.

I bought the best buds and concentrates dispensaries had to offer.

None of it was as tasty or stony as what I grow and sell.

Yes, they had cannabis food and drinks I can’t manufacture.

That stuff is great. One edible got me high for seven hours!

But the buds and concentrates I make from my home-based grow op are superior to the dispensary products– and I charge lower prices.

Now I’m sharing success secrets that give me a stable field of eager customers who love the cannabis I provide:

Give Customers Lower Cannabis Prices 

Black market marijuana sellers don’t have to give a cut to the government to produce or distribute cannabis.

They don’t have to maintain expensive, government-inspected grow buildings or pay official staff.

This should translate directly into lower pot prices. Buyers are very motivated by quality and price per gram.

If your prices are lower than dispensary prices, you win.

Grow and Sell Higher Quality Marijuana Than the Dispensaries Do

The mainstream media, and even marijuana media, claim legal marijuana dispensaries have higher quality weed than black market growers have.

Yes there are many black market marijuana growers selling poorly-grown weed.

But the tens of thousands of black market growers who read grow premium, super-clean marijuana that’s better than anything in a dispensary.

Grow the best weed the best ways, making sure to dry and cure properly, and buyers will want yours instead of wanting legal dispensary buds.

Grow Premium, Rare Cannabis Strains

The menus at most legal marijuana retail stores and medical marijuana dispensaries are boring and predictable.

Blue Dream, Jack Herer, Golden Goat, Gorilla Glue, Sour Diesel, Haze, Kush, blah blah blah.

You see the same old strains all the time.

So take a look at the seeds and strains guide, where you find articles about top cannabis strains for different purposes.

For example, you could grow one strain that’s good for PTSD, another that’s good for spasms (high-CBD), another that’s trippy psychedelic (pure Sativa), and another that’s good for sex.

Read this article from our grow girl Kim about marijuana strains for sex fun!

When you grow premium strains and provide a menu that caters to a wide variety of marijuana users, you do better than most legal sellers.

Treat Black Market Marijuana Buyers the Right Way

Building rapport and providing friendly customer service is another way for a black market marijuana grower to maintain market share and compete successfully with legal sellers.

In legal dispensaries, most budtenders treat you like you get treated at any retail store.

They give you a little information.

They shove a few glass jars at you.

They want you to give them your money and get out of the way so another customer can give them money.

Growers who provide a more personal and authentic interest in the marijuana preferences of their customers have an advantage over dispensaries.

Show consumers marijuana strain descriptions and photos here at

Ask what kind of high or medical marijuana effects they like.

Grow strains meant for them.

Find out if they want concentrates, then learn to make those concentrates.

Once people taste dry sift, rosin, bubblehash and other concentrates, they’re willing to pay a lot per gram to get more.

Make it as easy, safe, and confidential as possible for customers to buy favorite strains and forms of marijuana from you.

Networking to Get Wealthier, Safer Customers

Black market marijuana growers always have to be security conscious.

That’s why savvy networking, socializing, and otherwise getting to know good people is essential to black market marijuana success.

The ideal customers are respectable, reliable older folks—college professors, doctors, accountants, engineers, etc.—the kind of people who have money, aren’t sketchy or scary, and buy large quantities.

The more of your buds you sell at one time to one safe, intelligent, honest buyer, and the fewer buyers you have, the safer you are.

Retail marijuana prices are very high in states that don’t have legalization.

But if novice marijuana buyers can go to white market legal sellers rather than black market sellers, they will… unless you give them reasons not to.

Black market marijuana growers can still make a lot of money, and compete with legal sellers, by following the advice in this article.

Oh and just so you know… the attorneys told me to tell you this article is my “personal opinion.”

The magazine can’t recommend that you “break the law.”

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