Бlack market marijuana growersBlack market marijuana growers risk their lives and freedom to provide buds for Americans.
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Black Market Marijuana Growers Deserve Respect, Thanks, & Profits

As someone who’s been growing and selling black market marijuana since 1993, I’m here to tell you that black market marijuana growers are the most courageous revolutionaries in America.

If not for the tens of thousands of us home growers who’ve been growing weed domestically for decades, there wouldn’t be a “legal” marijuana industry.

We showed the American people that marijuana is good medicine and good fun.

It’s a fantastic plant to grow… more profitable than roses, bonsai trees, food crops, or any other plant.

Here’s what I call The Black Market Marijuana Growers’ Manifesto:

Defying the WAR on Marijuana Growers

When you grow marijuana, even in “legalized marijuana” states, you become a target not just for police but also for rippers.

Many marijuana growers I personally know, including three on the BigBudsMag.com grower team, have had violent home invasions from police or civilian criminals.

Marijuana growers live in constant fear of a military-style raid on our homes, of being busted, of having our possessions stolen from us via asset forfeiture, of going to jail or prison, of getting a criminal record that hurts us the rest of our lives.

We live in a form of solitary confinement, unable to host people at our homes, worried every time a neighbor or delivery person comes near our house.

Black market marijuana growers and sellers even have to worry about being murdered by police officers!

We also worry about being blackmailed by people who know about our garden, and about discrimination in child custody courts, employment, and housing.

Until marijuana is federally decriminalized and legalized in every state, a black market grower puts his life and freedom at risk to directly challenge prohibition the most effective way possible.

Marijuana Growing is Complex, Hard, Dangerous Work

Marijuana isn’t a weed.

If you’ve ever grown high-end cannabis, you know what I mean.

I work 15-20 hours per week tending my 4000-watt deep water culture (DWC) indoor marijuana garden.

I spend a lot more time than that cutting, manicuring, drying, and curing my buds at the end of every bloom phase.

I face the possibility of being electrocuted, burned, or otherwise injured in my grow room.

Professional growers will tell you it takes at least 3-5 years of constant growing under a variety of conditions before you have enough expertise to call yourself a master grower.

Marijuana Growing Can Be Expensive

Outdoor marijuana can be great, but growing marijuana indoors using high-intensity lighting is the most precise, controlled method for growing strong, clean, super-sticky, connoisseur marijuana.

Indoor marijuana growing equipment, fertilizers, root zone materials, and other supplies are expensive.

One 1000-watt grow bulb that lasts 7-8 months can cost $135 or more.

My black market marijuana garden uses specialized lighting, air conditioning and other climate control, C02 dispensers, pumps, timers, monitors, and many more types of hydroponics gear and supplies.

Professional black market marijuana growers spend thousands of dollars per year renting, leasing, or buying a space to set up an indoor marijuana grow op.

My monthly grow op electricity bill averages $350 during grow phase and half that during bloom phase.

I spend money procuring the finest marijuana seeds and clones.

Marijuana growing costs a lot, and the price of marijuana reflects that cost.

Marijuana Growers Deserve the Profits They Earn

It’s insulting and ludicrous when marijuana consumers criticize black market marijuana growers for charging market rates for buds.

In every industry—from restaurants to car tires—pricing is set is by market rate.

Premium marijuana sells for $250-500 an ounce across the country.

When I sell for $250-500 an ounce, I make a decent profit

My cost of producing marijuana includes all my operating costs, my labor and expertise, and the fact that growing marijuana is a 24/7/365 job.

I live like a recluse due to the legal and security risks of being a grower.

I don’t have days off. I work seven days a week.

If something goes wrong in my grow op, I have to be immediately available to fix it, or my marijuana plants die.

I have no health insurance, no social security contributions matched by an employer, no job security.

For all that investment, work, and lifestyle limitation, my profits are about $29,000 per year.

I’m hardly getting rich off of marijuana growing, but I’m risking my life and freedom to do it.

Black Market Marijuana is Better Than Corporate Marijuana

Some black market marijuana growers produce schwag that’s no better than corporate-grown marijuana.

I’ve been in government-licensed corporate commercial marijuana grow ops in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Canada, and I can tell you… corporate marijuana is always schwag or mids.

Not only that, but corporate producers use the same techniques as Big Ag uses, including harmful pesticides.

When dispensary cannabis is lab-tested, it often comes back as tainted with pesticides, pests, molds, and other problems in more than 50% of the samples.

That’s what’s wrong with the current so-called marijuana legalization laws- they favor corporate growers who are most often venture capitalists who are in it solely for the money.

These money-grubbing venture capitalists don’t love marijuana.

Hell, most of them don’t even use it!

They have a handful of poorly-trained people tending dozens if not hundreds of plants.

Unlike black market marijuana growers, corporate marijuana growers don’t have extensive experience growing the finest marijuana.

They go for production efficiencies, generic genetics, massive bulk harvests, machine trimming, and big-name cannabis strains that we’ve all gotten tired of.

They’re not growing high-end cannabis strains with complex, enabling, healing highs and deep, full-bodied, intriguing flavors and scents such as strains produced by the wizard Subcool at TGA Genetics.

Corporate growers and dispensaries are just like any other corporate Big Ag producer.

Wanna talk about who’s price gouging? Recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries often sell their buds for more than I sell mine for, and their buds are inferior to mine.

A lot of that cost goes for taxes, overhead, and massive profits for the people at the top of the company… while the lower-level workers who do the hard labor earn an average of $8-11 an hour.

As an ethical, professional black market marijuana grower, I take requests from customers and grow specific strains for them (including rare strains that take as long as 12 weeks in bloom phase).

I never use poisons on or in my crops.

I overweigh my ounces and give discounts for bulk purchases. I personally deliver the product to customers so they don’t have to endure risk or hassle to come to me to get them.

My customers tell me my buds are way better than what they find at dispensaries.

Black market marijuana growers provide better marijuana than what you can get from legal marijuana dispensaries, and our prices are fair.

Black Market Marijuana Growers Created the Marijuana Industry

Until Colorado, Oregon, and Washington legalized commercial marijuana production a few years ago, guess who grew the hundreds of thousands of pounds that marijuana consumers have been inhaling all these years?

If you said “black market marijuana growers,” you’re correct.

And we’re still the ones who risk prison and robbery to cultivate the vast majority of marijuana consumed in the United States.

It’s only because of black market marijuana growers that so many regular people have had access marijuana, tried it for the first time, and discovered it’s better than alcohol and pharmaceuticals.

It’s because of black market marijuana growers that more and more people procure quality marijuana, love it, and vote for marijuana legalization.


Those of us who grow marijuana have been defying marijuana prohibition laws for many years.

We’re black market home growers, and proud of it!

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