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Cannabis Millionaire Dishes All On Business Outlaws Podcast

From the ground up, cannabis pioneer BigMike Straumietis has built a unique, trailblazing, multimillion-dollar company — Advanced Nutrients, the first and only nutrients company dedicated to cannabis growers. And now he’s spreading the love and knowledge to anyone who’s striving for entrepreneurial success and fulfillment of their own.

In his cutting-edge Business Outlaws podcast series, BigMike is giving away a gold mine of wisdom on how to succeed. Along for the ride is his friend and cohort, expert business fixer Chris Collins, and host Jayme Foxx, with the trio boldly going where no business podcast has gone before.

“Our podcasts are unfiltered, uncensored, no-holds-barred discussions and interviews divulging powerful insider strategies, principles and systems rarely talked about in public,” BigMike explains.

Back in his early years, when he was working 24/7, 365 days a year to run grow ops, create cannabis-specific nutrients, and deal with constant attacks from competitors and law enforcement, BigMike had to learn the hard way by experimentation and failure the business tactics that have made him the tour de force he is today. Now, he’s distilling and sharing those tactics via his podcast.

“I had to learn the hard way by trial and error. But now there are thousands of books, videos, podcasts, blogs, motivational speakers and success seminars available to the public, where the wealthiest and most successful people sell or share their expertise. Over the years I’ve spent more than a million dollars on training from the greatest entrepreneurs, marketers, leaders and communicators. And I’m sharing all that wisdom with you, for free, in the podcast series.”

Business Outlaws shines a light on the inspiring superstar athletes, Hollywood performers, elite business leaders and creative visionaries hailing from a variety of industries and achievement stacks, including boxing trainer Matt Baiamonte, the protégé of late legendary trainer Angelo Dundee who schooled the world’s top pugilists Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. Baiamonte passes on his athletic wisdom by training top athletes and A-list celebrities, including LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Matt Damon and Mike Wallace, to be the best fighters they can be.

BigMike explains, “Our guests are the best at what they do, operating at the highest level of goal setting and achievement, along with other top super achievers, and you can sit back and hear how to do it for yourself.”

With BigMike’s long-held, frank admission of growing and selling cannabis and making nutrients for cannabis growers years before the legalization movement swept North America, Business Outlaws truly is an apt name for his podcast.

“I started growing and selling cannabis in 1983. Yes, it was illegal everywhere then, so by definition I was an outlaw,” he reveals. “When I got busted in 2001, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police estimated that just in the previous year alone my crew grew and trafficked $50 million worth of premium-grade marijuana. Today, I run Advanced Nutrients, which earns more than $100 million a year, with sales in 100 countries — but I still consider myself an outlaw, and I’m always learning more.”

Never one to rest on his laurels, BigMike is also in the midst of launching cannabis reality competition show The Next Marijuana Millionaire Show™. Whoever is crowned winner will get BigMike’s backing and mentorship on their journey to launching a potentially lucrative cannabis career of their own. This is a symbiotic platform in which those who are fortunate enough to take part can put BigMike’s Business Outlaws prosperity secrets into action.

Tune in to the podcast for such groundbreaking gems as:

  • How your business achievements and career choices affects your health and vitality.
  • What foundational steps you must first take as you climb the ladder of business triumph.
  • Why true accomplishment includes helping the world, not just yourself.
  • What you must do to flourish in life — and what to avoid.
  • Taking a risk the smart way by weighing up potential losses and gains ahead of time.
  • Instilling ambition, drive, motivation, discipline and positivity in yourself and in your team.
  • When to embrace your ego, and when to check it.
  • What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — except, that is, for covert Vegas success secrets.
  • How competition spurs you to get even more edgy and tenacious with your business strategy.
  • How to build maximum yield into your business partnerships and teams.
  • How to use visualization and other personal growth techniques to make your goals a reality.

BigMike says his podcasts are so raw and honest that they may shock some listeners. After all, most people are programmed to accept what life has dished them and to stay in their lane. Even the most prestigious of business schools train students to think conventionally, inside the box, be mild, and satisfied with the hamster wheel of conformity.

But BigMike sees that as a self-defeating mindset.

When people hear business gurus talk amongst themselves using the language of confidence, motivation, financial savvy, discipline and fulfillment, it’s like having a dream team of life coaches handing you pearls of wisdom.

As BigMike explains it, “Cannabis growers take gargantuan risks and defy the subtle bondage that constricts many people’s lives. The person on the road to winning refuses to be held back or kept down. They’re rebels with a cause — courageous enough to put it all on the line to win big. That kind of spirit is in people who acquire success in all industries, not just cannabis. When you listen to the Business Outlaws podcast, you’ll be inspired hearing how to finally experience that great life you always dreamed of.”

Head to iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Play Music to listen to BigMike and Chris Collins on the Business Outlaws podcast. Plus, leave a comment with your No. 1 business question to have it answered during the show.

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