Big Buds Hydroponics Marijuana 420 Hits

Big Buds Hydroponics Marijuana 420 Hits

Happy 420! If you’re a marijuana grower who wants bigger yields and stickier buds, this article is our 420 gift to you.

The magazine went live in May, 2011, and has lived up to our commitment to help marijuana growers grow bigger and stronger buds, with less cost and more efficiency, with less security risks, and more enjoyment from their buds and their growing.

No other marijuana cultivation info source– not High Times, or any of those marijuana online forums–gives you the concentrated dose of accurate, cutting edge marijuana growing information you get here at

That’s why the most successful growers readily agree that has quickly become the favorite marijuana 420 webzine for newbies and professional growers.

Many of you haven’t been reading Big Buds from the start, so you’ve missed many important, foundational articles that went live a while ago.

So here’s a retrospective of highly-useful marijuana 420 articles you may not have ever seen.

Eliminate Marijuana Pests: Spider mites, thrips, fungus gnats and aphids are the pests that most plague connoisseur marijuana.

Check out those articles on safe, effective ways to combat the little sap-suckers who seek chomp your plants.

• I’m all into protecting your crops from harms that come from people, crazy shit, and accidents, not just mites, molds and mildews.

Take a look at fire safety, security safety, and other marijuana 420 tips that make your peace of mind increase and your risk factors decrease.

• Growing marijuana from seed is the only way to breed your own marijuana while also importing specialty genetics from the worldwide cannabis gene pool.

Getting quality, viable, properly-classified marijuana seeds is difficult, but this article gives you the inside story, direct from seed breeders and sellers.

• You want to grow the finest marijuana strains, but it’s hard to keep up with the hundreds of strain names and strain claims.

Check out our guides to growing Kush and other connoisseur strains, including many strains worth hundreds of dollars per ounce, in part because you’re going to be the only person in your area who knows how to grow them!

• The hydroponics industry only exists because medical marijuana growers buy what it sells, but you definitely want to read about dominant players in the industry, including Sunlight Supply, Maximum Yield, and General Hydroponics, who actively shun and diss marijuana growers.

We also give you the 420 details on some of the most common cannabis cultivation skills…

• Hydroponics marijuana cloning, everybody has an opinion, but we give you the latest facts​, the real deal professional marijuana cloning tips from growers who make clones for a living.

The article gives you the inside track on aeroponics cloning too.

Ever wondered who developed all that hydroponics stuff you see at your local hydroponics store?

Take a trip through hydroponics history, and you’ll discover that people have been interested in hydroponics for thousands of years.

You’ll also discover new hydroponics gear, and where hydroponics is headed!

* SEX SEX SEX. Ok, now that I have your attention, are you ready to have even more marijuana fun than you’re already having?

Then check out the wet kittycat secret that’ll show you how to use bubblehash as Viagra!

Check out the other articles by our marijuana growing sex expert Kim, such as this one on multiple marijuana orgasms.

After you’re exhausted from ganja mega-orgasms, watch these marijuana movies until you recharge your sex drive!

I send a special shout out to all of you marijuana 420 growers and who’ve made the most popular and relied-upon marijuana cultivation magazine.

Our marijuana 420 gift to you is the promise to keep pushing ourselves to help you grow your biggest yields with the highest levels of THC, so you medicate safely and enjoyably, and get the most profits with the least amount of time, money and effort invested in your marijuana garden.

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