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What’s In The Box? The Best, Most Convenient Cannabis Subscription Boxes That’ll Give You More Butter For The Spread

Monthly subscription box services that deliver cannabis accessories by mail are fast becoming a staple of the expanding pot economy. Providing the cannabis faithful with new and inventive gear, subscription kits are an affordable way to sample new brands in this thriving market flooded with more and more interesting products by the day.

“We’re living in pretty amazing times when you can have all these awesome marijuana accessories delivered right to your front door,” says Tina Chavez. “And so much of it is new stuff you wouldn’t even see at a head shop right now.”

The business model is advantageous to both retailer and consumer alike, as it connects buyers and sellers that otherwise might get lost in the current bustling commerce chatter. Buying in bulk, subscription companies can offer products at bargain basement prices — while at the same time offering fledgling companies an opportunity to get their new products in front of shoppers.

Gathered here are some of the standouts in the industry, offering cannabis box services ranging from roughly $3 to $30 a month per subscription.

cannabis subscription boxes

Cannabox’s Blazed subscription features a Dragon Ball Z Grinder, plus Game of Thrones- and Zelda-themed goodies. (Image courtesy of @cannabox)

Cannabox Monthly Themed Subscription Boxes

Cannabox is having way more fun than any other subscription box company out there. The SNL of cannabis box curators, these 420 professionals promise weed-themed kits featuring and inspired by famed movies, TV shows, video games and pop culture icons. The stoney experts at Cannabox work carefully to pick and design items like The Simpsons Flaming Moe Energy Drinks, Dragon Ball Z Grinders, Bob Ross Good Vibes Only T-shirts, and Game of Thrones pipes.

Cannabox takes the theme box to a whole other artistic level, with subscriptions starting at $26.83 per month for a six-month plan.

 cannabis subscription boxes

Get your Hemper limited-edition Halloween Spooky subscription box while they last.
(Image courtesy of @hemperco)

Hemper And Its Limited-Edition Collaborations

Vowing to consistently deliver more than $100 in value for its $29.99 kit, Hemper helps cannabis enthusiasts discover premium glass, daily essentials, and limited-edition accessories delivered discreetly to your doorstep. Boxes include a range of items per monthly package, from curated pipes and dab rigs to cleaning supplies and rolling papers, among an assortment of other very useful items. Hemper also offers exclusive celebrity collaboration products, with past contributions from rapper Lil Debbie to cannabis show host Adam iLL. Recent box items include the Hemper x Lil Debbie 24k Dabber, and Adam iLL x Hemper Sweatband with Stash Pocket.

Hemper offers a variety of plans to accommodate a wide range of smoking frequencies, from its classic month-to-month package and 3/6/12-month subscription plans, to fully customizable delivery frequencies.

cannabis subscription boxes

The Puffer Gift Box Deluxe retails for just $29.99. (Image courtesy of @pufferbox)

PufferBox Monthly Boxes, Each With Premium Glass Pieces

PufferBox creators say they set themselves apart by offering glass pieces in every single box. Met with some resistance at first from prospective customers — with people asking, “Why would anyone want a new piece of glass every single month?” — PufferBox has since seen the idea catch on and sales increasing steadily. Past boxes have included triple-bowl glass pipes and dichroic dragon glass bubblers, as well as camouflaged stash containers by Stink Sack, incense cones, and even a little Ghirardelli Premium Hot Cocoa mix for those chilly sessions where a warm sugar fix is a must.

Future PufferBox subscription packages may include a few glow-in-the dark pieces and some triple chamber bubblers. All monthly membership plans range from $23 to $29.99 apiece.

cannabis subscription boxes

The Alpha Doja Box includes a curated playlist to match your high. (Image courtesy of @dojabox)

Beautifying Dojabox Boxes For Self-Care

With attention directed to bodily pampering and an eye toward the celestial, Dojabox offers cannabis enthusiasts products to indulge in lavish self-care while getting immaculately stoned. Boxes include items ranging from glass pieces to vaporizers to a bath product (bath bomb/soap/bubble bar) inspired by the monthly theme. Each box also includes smoking accessories like grinders, rolling trays and hemp wraps, as well as beauty accessories like sugar scrubs, face masks and face washes. Boxes over the last year have come with an array of eclectic items, including a lipstick pipe, handy DigiWeigh electronic pocket scale, and Pil’Aten Collagen Lip Mask.

While Dojabox admits its subscriptions lean toward the feminine, the company says it also welcomes any alien to the Dojabox fam. Future boxes over the next few months headed into the holidays will include goodies like herb flavoring drops and clay masks. Every kit also comes with a curated music playlist of the month. Subscriptions start at $17 per month.

cannabis subscription boxes

Feeling fancy? The Butler Box from Hippie Butler can be tailored to your preferred consumption experience. (Image courtesy of @hippiebutler)

Hippie Butler For Cannabis Aficionados

Offering a wide assortment of monthly subscriptions, branded kits vary from The Party Favor for barebones rolling paper needs ($1 per month), to the Rollers Club complete with papers and glass ($15.99 per month), or the Masters Club for the true cannabis aficionado ($139.99 per month).

Hippie Butler is also now offering a new take on its most popular kit, tailored specifically for devotees of concentrates. The Butler Box — Concentrate ($39.99 per month) is a hand-picked selection of premium accessory essentials that includes all you need for your next dabbing sesh.

cannabis subscription boxes

For October, the El Primo Halloween-themed box features an epic skull glass rig. (Image courtesy of @dailyhighclub)

Daily High Club For The Smoker Elite

The most straightforward cannabis accessory subscription company on the list, Daily High Club was one of the first box companies to gain widespread attention for its resemblance to the renowned Dollar Shave Club that delivered low-priced razors. Collaborating with industry icons like Tommy Chong, Cypress Hill rapper B-Real, and influencer SilencedHippie, Daily High Club has some serious marketing might behind it to deliver nice products at inexpensive prices. Featuring three different plans — the All-Natural ($1 per month), the Connoisseur ($12 per month, with free shipping), and the El Primo ($30 per month) — these boxes are designed by smokers, for smokers.

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