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Sip Don’t Smoke: 5 Cannabis-infused Beverages You Need To Try

Love to get high, but don’t enjoy coughing your lungs up from smoking or vaping, or that lingering, sharp aftertaste of some edibles? Well, we may have just the solution. While the majority of people who enjoy cannabis do so by inhaling it, there’s a new trend in the cannabis community to encourage THC intake by way of a different method: By drinking it! And with various new products now hitting the market with increasing frequency — from coffee to beer to sparkling juice and more — it’s easy to see why some folks prefer that drinkable high in a cup of their favorite beverage.

When it comes to drinking cannabis-infused liquids, or “drinkables” as they’re known, anticipate a slightly different outcome than with smoking. Cannabis drinks do work similarly to edibles. However, unlike some edibles that can take up to an hour or two before you feel the effect, it can take as few as 15 minutes before you feel a buzz from drinking your marijuana, especially if your chosen gulp is cannabis-infused coffee. Drinkables are a great smoking alternative for when you’d like a quick impact that’s also long lasting, with the effects felt anywhere from 3–8 hours, depending on dosage. And, they’re available from companies all across the country in a variety of liquid types.

We’ve rounded up the best of the best of cannabis-infused liquids. From ginger beer to coffee and kombucha, there’s a drink to satisfy everyone’s palate. So, cheers to that, and bottoms up!


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Best Cannabis-Infused Coffee

In operation for over a year now, Somatik offers a range of products, but the highlight of its collection is undoubtedly the Cannabis Infused Cold Brew Coffee, which comes with either 10 or 20mg of THC. And the feeling you get by mixing the beverage of the gods with the plant of the gods is just perfect: “It’s just a really fabulous feeling — the two synergize in a way that delivers a wholly unique experience unlike any other edible, or cup of coffee,” says company founder Chris Schroeder.

The Somatik experience, according to Schroeder, is about finding the balance between mind and body within oneself. Cannabis and caffeine work together differently — the cannabis helps relax your physical body and the caffeine helps stimulate your mind. The result? A lovely, euphoric feeling. It’s like the mood boost you can expect from your morning cup of Joe, with a little added extra. Schroeder suggests enjoying a cup o’ Somatik is a fantastic way to kick off a hike or a yoga class.

And as for flavor, expect a light-bodied, smooth taste with subtle notes of cherry, a hint of herbaceous flavor, and undertones of bright lemon. Somatik products are available in licensed dispensaries across California, as well as delivery services like Sava.

Magic Number cannabis ginger beer

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Best Cannabis-Infused Ginger Beer

What’s your magic number? The folks behind this special drink offer a variety of potencies to choose from, starting at 3mg of THC, which will give you a pleasant, easy, light buzz, all the way up to 50mg per bottle, which will certainly have you feeling magical. And all of this is coupled with the sweet and spicy flavor of ginger beer!

Despite what the name may suggest, there is no alcohol in this delicious brew — but no worries, as the THC-infused quencher will still have you feeling fine. Magic Number brews its ginger bev with sustainably grown, zesty Peruvian ginger, pure cane sugar and Oregon water. The end result is a tangy treat with notes of citrus, finished off with a kick of cannabis. Magic Number suggests you start slow and bide your time. Try 3mg to start, or perhaps split a 5mg bottle. Wait at least 90 minutes before deciding if you can handle another.


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Best Cannabis-Infused Sparkling Juice

With only seven simple ingredients — carbonated water, organic cranberry juice, cherry juice, organic lime juice, organic raw honey, Mediterranean sea salt and premium cannabis extract — La Grandeur gives imbibers an adult-only twist to a sumptuous sparkling beverage.

With 5mg of THC per bottle, this drink is on the milder end of infusions, which makes it the perfect potion to enjoy in a social setting with a group of friends. Crack a couple bottles of this bubbly to get your sweet, sweet buzz on. But make sure to chill for ultimate enjoyment. At present, this sophisticated juice is available in California only via delivery service.


(Image courtesy of @cannavineswine on Instagram)

Best Cannabis-Infused Wine

The combination of cannabis and wine actually has a plethora of benefits, from reduced hangover symptoms to decreased anxiety, heightened creativity, and an alert cerebral effect. That classic act of drinking alcohol while smoking a doob is known as crossfading — but there is nothing faded about CannaVines, a cannabis-infused tipple crafted in Napa Valley wine country.

CannaVines boasts a robust, fulfilling wine with a blend of terpenes and CBD derived from cannabis sativa. And there’s a flavor for everyone! Try a red blend infused with Headband, a chardonnay infused with Sour Diesel, or a rosé infused with Grand Daddy Purple. With heady bevs like these, you’ll be set for Friday-night dinners, holiday meals, date nights, and special celebrations all year round.

CannaVines is currently available for tasting as part of Cannabis Tours’ Wine and Weed Tours, and for select cannabis-infused dinners and events. Stay tuned to find out when CannaVines will be available for online purchases.

Muru Cannabucha

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Best Cannabis-Infused Kombucha

From Müru, the company that brought you THC and CBD CannaMixers (cannabis-infused cocktail mixers), comes its newest offering in the form of Cannabucha, a line of organic kombucha teas infused with weed. Müru has partnered with award-winning Oregon kombucha makers SOMA to produce this buzzy, unique and healthy way to consume cannabis. What makes it so healthy? Kombucha is high in probiotics, making it an excellent drink for maintaining gut health, and is also low in sugar for those looking to keep an eye on how much of the unhealthy white stuff they consume.

Müru’s first Cannabucha flavors are Lemon Ginger and Blueberry Ginger, and each bottle contains 50mg of THC, so consume responsibly. Müru infuses its kombucha with the sun-grown cannabis oil from a variety of Oregon-based farms to produce full-spectrum THC and CBD formulas. Drink it on its own or use it to create delicious mixed drinks. A healthy cocktail? Yes, please! As with CannaMixers, look for Cannabucha in Oregon dispensaries.

Infuse Your Own At-Home Cannabis Beverage

Unable to purchase cannabis drinks in your neck of the woods? Why not mix a batch yourself? The Magical Butter device not only helps you whip up cannabutter for incredible edibles, it also allows you to create a number of cannabis-infused drinks. You can purchase Magical Butter online and it ships to any state, ensuring the possibility of a cannabis-infused cocktail, soda or coffee anywhere.

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