Beginner Marijuana Grower Series

Beginner Marijuana Grower Series: Creating Your Marijuana Garden Space

This is the second in our article series for a newbie marijuana grower.

In the first article, we noted that growing your own marijuana saves money, ensures your safety, and provides marijuana that gets you high the way you want to get high.

In today’s article, we discuss basic needs for growing top-shelf marijuana.

Among your most basic needs is a place to grow marijuana indoors.

Yes, you can grow marijuana outdoors, but you’re at the mercy of the weather and other factors you can’t control. For beginner marijuana growers, indoor cannabis cultivation is best.

Indoors, you control almost everything that happens to your plants; this protects your plants and gardening equipment.

People grow marijuana in small spaces such as closets, or grow chambers.

If that’s all the space you have, you can try to make it work. But it won’t give you your largest yields and healthiest plants.

You notice that in my beginner marijuana growing series, I give you ideal recommendations for “professional” growing.

I’m not trying to diss people who only have a closet or small chamber to grow marijuana in.

As a beginner marijuana grower, it’s useful to start small and then invest more to increase your garden size as you gain more growing experience.

Some grow chambers or cabinets are plug and play growing environments that work well if you’re growing auto-flowering cannabis or short sea of green marijuana plants.

But if you want to take full advantage of indoor marijuana growing and grow plants that can yield many ounces each, you need a minimum of 30 square feet.

You also need a ceiling height of eight feet or more.

The smallest successful grow op I’ve seen was a chamber grow that was 2.5 feet wide, 2.5 feet deep, and four feet high.

The beginner marijuana grower was growing tiny autoflowering plants in a miniature hand-built ebb and flow table using an LED grow light.

Read here for a full explanation of autoflowering cannabis.

He had to trim the plants back to keep them short enough.

He was harvesting nearly 3/4 pounds of buds per season.

Not only do you need a private room and enough space, you want to be able to totally control the marijuana growing environment.

A beginner marijuana grower needs to know that these are the environmental factors you must control in your marijuana grow space if you want maximum yield:

  • Temperature and relative humidity
  • Access & detection interventions
  • Air movement, air quality, air renewal
  • C02 levels
  • Lighting, reflectivity, darkness, and light cycles
  • Block out pests and diseases
  • Width, depth, and height of your garden

Each item on this list requires a separate article on its own, and you will get that data as this marijuana growing series progresses.

Please note this list does not include the significant control you must exercise over the horticultural, botanical details of growing marijuana: such as water and hydroponics nutrients.

The last thing I want to say today is a beginner marijuana grower can get a fundamental baseline of knowledge to grow large amounts of premium marijuana by reading

And once you get that knowledge here you’ll find it’s way easier, cheaper, and safer to grow your own buds rather than buying marijuana from someone else!

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