Beginner Marijuana Grower Series: Three Fire Reasons to Grow Your Own Marijuana

A beginner marijuana grower is someone embarking on a very beneficial journey.

You’ve got a lot to learn, some mistakes to make.

But a beginner marijuana grower can be assured of one thing: if you read, procure excellent cannabis genetics, and follow the advice in our articles, you’ll be growing the best marijuana you ever had, and it will cost you way less than it costs to buy it.

We’re handing you this comprehensive new marijuana growing series that takes you start to finish with all aspects of growing your own connoisseur marijuana first time and every time.

Cost, security concerns, fertilizers, lighting, growing and harvesting — we’re giving you the best guide ever presented for beginner and newbie marijuana growers.

The first thing to know is why you should grow your own marijuana. Here are three really good reasons:

You Save Money: Initial start-up costs for a beginner marijuana grower can vary.

If you’re paying average marijuana retail prices for connoisseur marijuana, you’ll make your money back within a couple of marijuana growing seasons, even if you invest in the highest-quality marijuana hydroponics nutrients and other grow equipment.

You Grow Marijuana That Works Best for You: If you’ve never grown marijuana and especially if you don’t have a marijuana dispensary or well-stocked cannabis grower in your life, you use whatever marijuana you can get.

But the amazing thing is there are hundreds of marijuana strains, and each one gives you a different high and different medical effects.

You can research different marijuana strains, procure seeds or clones of strains that will make you feel better, and grow and breed marijuana specifically for your needs and wants.

You Ensure Your Safety: Buying marijuana on the street or from associates doesn’t guarantee you’re getting safe, clean marijuana, and can expose you to unsafe transactions.

Marijuana properly grown is free of pesticides, herbicides, chemical pollutants, molds, mildews, fungi, and other harmful things.

And the surest way you can know your marijuana is clean and safe is by growing it yourself, following the guidance is giving you in this article series.

The core truth is it’s easy and fun to grow your own marijuana, it saves you money, protects your safety, and gives you the opportunity to grow or create marijuana strains that are perfect for you.

Come back to frequently, because there’ll be plenty more articles to help you as a beginner marijuana grower.

Now get started learning how to grow the finest bud, by watching this detailed video introduction to marijuana growing…

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