Hydroponics Nutrients For MarijuanaBefore you buy hydroponics nutrients for marijuana, ask these five questions.

Questions to Ask Before You Buy Hydroponics Nutrients for Marijuana

How can you find the best hydroponics nutrients for marijuana?

I run a big grow store in a state where medical marijuana growing is legal. I’ve got five crucial questions you can ask so you get the best hydroponics nutrients for marijuana.

I also want you to know that the hydroponics and grow shop industry is changing fast, and not always for the better.

For example, you heard that Scotts Miracle-Gro purchased General Hydroponics.

What you might not have heard is Scotts Miracle-Gro is trying to purchase other hydroponics nutrients and grow supply companies, such as Botanicare.

Scotts Miracle-Gro is attempting to buy up competition, create a market monopoly, sell hydroponics gear at Wal-Mart and Home Depot, and put grow shops like mine out of business.

Another development that affects marijuana growers is that people who have no skill in designing and manufacturing quality fertilizers and hydroponics nutrients are jumping into the hydroponics nutrients market.

On an almost weekly basis, our store gets a visit from another fast-talking sales rep trying to sell us a new brand of fertilizer or hydroponics nutrients.

One of those companies makes its fertilizers in a small garage!

These start-up companies usually buy crappy bulk raw fertilizer salts from China, and then throw them together, stick a label on them, put up a website, and try to take your money.

Most of these new hydroponics nutrients companies have no scientists, chemists, or other professional people on staff.

We carry established hydroponics nutrients and fertilizer brands like Botanicare, Fox Farm, Canna, and Advanced Nutrients, along with two newer brands.

(We used to carry General Hydroponics, but we discontinued GH products when the company was purchased by Scotts Miracle-Gro).

We have five questions we ask hydroponics nutrients sales reps to see how good their products are for marijuana.

It’s good for you to ask these same questions where you shop for hydroponics nutrients, and to ask manufacturers too…

Are the nutrients and fertilizers designed and tested on marijuana plants by plant scientists and chemists? 

Specialized nutrients inputs targeted for cannabis definitely increase your plants’ health, speed of growth, harvest size, and THC.

Most nutrients companies, and especially the new ones, don’t have scientific research and professional manufacturing specific to what your marijuana plants need.

When you use inferior nutrients and fertilizers, your plants are weaker and your harvests are smaller.

Marijuana is a unique plant and it does way better when you use nutrients designed for marijuana.

Does the hydroponics nutrients manufacturer have tech support people who provide expert marijuana growing advice? 

Even when cannabis growers call from legalized marijuana states like Colorado and Washington, most hydroponics nutrients companies refuse to talk to them if they identify themselves as legal marijuana growers.

Nor do they provide advice useful for marijuana growers. If you grow tomatoes, they’re ok.

Does the hydroponics company offer an integrated set of products and feed charts so you can use their base nutrients, bloom boosters and other supplements without worries?

Some customers follow the instructions on nutrients bottles, but end up with overfertilization or weird nutrients interactions that lock out, underfeed, or overfeed some nutrients elements.

Do the company’s products contain genetically modified materials, and/or harmful plant growth regulators such as PACLO?

Most hydroponics nutrients companies refuse to tell us if their products contain GMOs or harmful plant growth regulators, but lab testing has proven that several hydroponics nutrients companies sell products containing genetically modified materials and/or harmful plant growth regulators.

Does the hydroponics nutrients company publicly support marijuana growers and advocate marijuana legalization?

Most hydroponics nutrients and fertilizer manufacturers are part of a grow industry group that’s terrified of mentioning any connection to marijuana growers.

Our store believes that manufacturers who refuse to stand with the marijuana growing community are cowards.

As you can easily see, these five questions are crucial when you want the best fertilizers and hydroponics nutrients for your marijuana plants.

I’ll make it easy for you—Advanced Nutrients is the only company that offers hydroponics nutrients for marijuana.

Their products have no GMOs or PACLO.

Their grower support team offers specific advice for legal marijuana growers and their company was founded and managed by marijuana grower and activist Michael Straumietis.

Advanced Nutrients has an integrated feed program featuring the only hydroponics base nutrients in the industry that automatically balance and buffer pH and hold it at the perfect pH for nutrients absorption.

Marijuana growers can use their full line of products, assured that the parts per million, pH, and nutrients interactions are right for your marijuana plants.

I’m a hydroponics storeowner, not an employee of Advanced Nutrients.

They don’t pay me to say nice things about them. I wish they did!

I sell other brands of hydroponics nutrients made with cheaper ingredients so they have lower wholesale prices and I make more profits off of them.

Some of my customers want those brands, so I sell them.

However, the only hydroponics nutrients brand I can absolutely and enthusiastically recommend for marijuana growers is Advanced Nutrients.

When you ask your grow store or hydroponics manufacturers these five questions about hydroponics nutrients for marijuana growers, you’ll see for yourself!

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