Using c02 in marijuana growingC02 helps marijuana, but most cannabis growers make this one big C02 mistake.
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Avoid This Dangerous Mistake Most Growers Make Using C02 in Marijuana Growing

Using C02 in marijuana growing during the lights-on part of each 24-hour period gives you faster growth and bigger yields if you do it right.

Using C02 in marijuana growing increases growth rate, maturation rate, yield, and potency.

Your marijuana plants grow faster, are ready for bloom phase slightly earlier, grow fatter buds faster in bloom phase, finish earlier, and may have more resin production using C02 in your cannabis grow room.

But many growers make mistakes, including a very damaging mistake, using C02 in marijuana growing.

Using C02 in marijuana growing the wrong way can waste your money, harm your health, or injure your marijuana plants.

The most common mistake growers make is they add C02 into the grow room while their exhaust fans are on.

Your added carbon dioxide is removed from the grow room. No benefit is achieved.

Another mistake growers make using C02 in marijuana growing is they fail to increase the other growth inputs they give their plants.

When you’re correctly using C02 in marijuana growing, your plants have the potential for more photosynthesis, metabolic function, transpiration, and nutrients/water uptake.

They have the potential, but only if you drive them towards it. For example, you want to give them more intense light than in a grow room where you’re not using C02 in marijuana growing.

You want to give them pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients and other feed program boosters, to keep up with their increased appetite.

When you give them more C02 and more intense light, they’ll want more hydroponics nutrients, more carbohydrates, more water.

They’ll transpire more moisture into the air as they suck more nutrients water in through their roots, so you have to ensure that your cannabis grow room relative humidity stays in range.

The ideal marijuana grow room humidity is sometimes strain-specific.

Tropical Sativa strains often like more humidity, compared to Indica and Afghanica strains.

In general, you want relative humidity in the 55-62% in your marijuana grow room, especially in bloom phase.

High humidity can choke your plants’ transpiration and create mold problems in bloom phase, especially with fat Indica buds.

You can allow your grow room temperature to go as high as 84F when you’re correctly using C02 in marijuana growing.

The most serious mistake most marijuana growers make with C02 is by having their ambient C02 concentrations too high.

Many growers have been told to have ambient lights-on C02 concentrations of 1300-1600 ppm.

The grow teamspent years experimenting with using C02 in marijuana growing.

We looked at scientific agricultural research about C02 in horticulture.

What we’ve learned is that C02 above 1100 ppm is too high. It has a negative feedback effect that actually works against growth rate, metabolic rate, and photosynthesis.

On top of that, C02 concentrations above 600 ppm make your marijuana grow room very toxic for you to breathe in.

C02 leakage is apt to occur unless you have a true, sealed grow room.

Here’s the best recipe for using C02 in marijuana growing:

  • Elevate indoor grow room C02 levels to 900-1100 ppm during lights-on cycle. Use a C02 monitor. Keep your humidity levels between 55-62%.
  • Give your plants higher ppm doses of pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients, while monitoring to ensure you’re not overfeeding.
  • Use Bud Candy to add carbohydrates that feed accelerated C02 plant metabolism.
  • Add better lighting (such as Hortilux Blue, Hortilux HPS, Hortilux Power-Veg, or double-ended bulbs) to give more light intensity and better light wavelengths.
  • Ensure your vent fans aren’t removing C02 from your marijuana grow room. Ensure that your grow room is sealed so no C02 can leak out.
  • Avoid going in your grow room when you’re adding C02.

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