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reefer madness

Can We Get Rid of Reefer Madness Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

America’s top law enforcement officer thinks marijuana is only slightly worse than heroin, pushed a state law including death sentences for small-time marijuana dealers, and is a reefer madness drug warrior who threatens to attack legalized marijuana states. But Attorney General Jeff Sessions is also a man accused of lying to Congress about his contacts […]

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marijuana breeding

How to Do Marijuana Breeding

Breeding marijuana is the only way to get the exact marijuana strains you want. It’s also the only way to avoid the high prices of buying marijuana seeds retail. And the only way to preserve treasured strains you’ve created or purchased. Breeding marijuana isn’t the same as simply creating your own marijuana seeds. The process […]

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how to make rosin

How to Make Rosin the Easy Way

After reading a article about how to make rosin and why rosin is getting to be more popular than BHO, I decided to try it myself. It only took me an hour to figure out how to do it. So here’s how to make rosin the easy way: Buy a reliable rosin press. I […]

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grow tent

Growing Marijuana: Grow Tent as Hydroponics Grow Room?

We’ve been talking about the rewards and challenges of growing marijuana, and that includes where should you grow it, and how should you grow marijuana. When I decided to get serious about growing marijuana, I looked at all my options and was very favorable towards getting a hydroponics grow tent. Advertisements for medical marijuana grow […]

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