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Here’s Why Only 1% of California Growers Have Obtained A License to Grow

California growers and buyers — who have taken anecdotal note of the disappointing gap in expectations as recreational cannabis rolls out — had their suspicions confirmed recently, when a report by the California Growers Association revealed that less than one percent of the state’s growers have successfully obtained licensure to legally operate their business in […]

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Freedom To Marry And Freedom To Grow: What Cannabis Activists Can Learn From The Fight For Same-Sex Marriage

Few issues so typify current ideological polarities between the federal and state governments in the United States than the battle over legalization of marijuana. On a state level, the popular mandate for safe and legal access to cannabis has been evident in a number of regions. As eight states plus the District of Columbia now […]

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Arrested Development: Why Are Americans Facing Increasing Marijuana-Related Arrests?

The signs are everywhere, sometimes literally: billboards for dispensaries; baby boomers buying designer vape pens; edibles with packaging so glossy and mass-produced, it could almost be sold at Target. In the past 10 years, cannabis has enjoyed a major surge in social and political acceptance across the United States. A Harvard University-Harris poll released in […]

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