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Budtender Los Angeles

How Legalization Changed My Budtender Job — For The Worse

Valentine’s Day marks an occasion filled with saccharine Hallmark cards and the overcapitalization of love. The dispensary I worked at opened its business to recreational cannabis consumers on Valentine’s Day of this year. The line to purchase weed was so long that it stretched out the front door and wrapped around the building. The reactions […]

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The Benefits Of Growing CBD Strains, The Medicinal Plant That Won’t Get You Stoned

We all know about the beloved active chemical compound tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as THC. It’s an amazing painkiller and appetite stimulant that can encourage a feeling of calm in those who partake. It can also give you a sense of euphoria, sedation and drowsiness in the form of that familiar psychoactive high. However, cannabis […]

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cannabis marketing

Social Media 101: If You Have A Cannabis Grow Op, Then It’s Time To Get Savvy With Online Marketing

Why social media marketing? In the digital age, when it comes to any product on the market, more social media brand visibility equals more sales. It’s also a medium that’s highly affordable compared to traditional marketing avenues. Instead of a return on your monetary investment, you’re getting a return on your time. Social media has […]

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