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Up In Smoke: ‘High Maintenance’ Proves Cannabis Culture Has Moved Beyond The Stoner Archetype

Marijuana has officially broken through another cultural barrier with the episodic series High Maintenance, now screening on HBO. On the surface, this comedy-drama is a series of vignettes about getting high and maintaining said high. But more so, the show is about human beings and their odd proclivities, social structures, and the things that both […]

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California cannabis

Cali Cannabis Cup Runneth Over. What Does The Excess Mean For Prices And For Black Market Sales?

Lately, says cannabis farmer Barry T., the harassing phone calls are coming more frequently — an increasing bass beat of angry creditors looking to get paid. “Some days I’ll get several calls from multiple irate people,” laments the Northern California grower. “I feel bad about not being able to pay them. They did great work […]

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California cannabis legalization

Not In My Neighborhood You Don’t: How Some Cali Towns Are Not Embracing Legal Cannabis

Less than an hour’s drive outside Los Angeles, the scenery transforms from rolling urban sprawl into parched desert moonscape, blending into an endless movie-set backdrop of sun, rock and sand. You can easily imagine a peyote-soaked Jim Morrison writhing on a slice of the jagged horizon, or a desperate Humphrey Bogart panning for pay dirt […]

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