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rolling papers

From Corn Husks To Cones: A Brief History of Rolling Papers

There are many ways to consume cannabis, but one of the most deployed methods — i.e., smoking joints — comes with its own long-held culture and rituals. And people in recreationally legal US states now have the option to choose between ready-made joints and buying rolling papers with which to roll their own flower. Rolling […]

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New York cannabis

This Is What Legal Cannabis In New York State Could Look Like

Despite being at the helm of a relatively progressive state with a large population and an even larger marijuana black market, recently re-elected New York Governor Andrew Cuomo remained steadfast in opposing recreational cannabis — until he was challenged directly by a rival candidate in the 2018 primary. The marked flip in Cuomo’s progressivism crested […]

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best cannabis flavors

Name That Strain: These Are The Best Cannabis Flavors Of 2018

Aside from prominent competitions like the High Times Cannabis Cup, the top cannabis cultivars and varieties in any given year are not always a conspicuous pick. Outside of the word-of-mouth chatter from dispensaries and grow ops, consumers looking for the most potent strain, the most cost-effective, or the strain that closely aligns with the outcome […]

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