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Study Shows That There Is No Link Between The Rise of Teenage Marijuana Smokers and The Existence of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Daniel Rees, a professor of economics at the University of Colorado in Denver has co-authored a study with two other professors at the University of Oregon and the Montana State University, which concluded that while teen marijuana usage has increased since 2005, this increase has not been caused by the existence of medical marijuana dispensaries. […]

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Ask A Grower :: Avoiding Medical Marijuana Paranoia

I’ve recently started growing and I find the paranoia overwhelming. It has started to affect other parts of my life. How do seasoned growers do it? Steve from Vancouver.   The good news, Steve, is you’re not going insane. The life of a medical marijuana grower can be quite far outside the box for an […]

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Marijuana Traitors: Who Knows You Grow?

Marijuana people tend to be trusting people. The kind herb makes us feel generous and euphoric. Sometimes, those good feelings can lead to errors of judgment that have very bad consequences. Here’s what I mean… I was high one day when I met a medical marijuana patient named Jon (this is not his real name), […]

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