Mixing & Sourcing Nutrients for MarijuanaBe careful when you're mixing nutrients for marijuana

Questions About Mixing & Sourcing Nutrients for Marijuana

Dear Big Buds,

I’m currently running Fox Farm Beastie Bloom (powder), Bioag Ful Humix (powder) General Hydroponics Floranova Bloom (liquid concentrate) GH Floralicious (liquid concentrate).

Should I mix all these products in with a half gallon of warm water to dissolve the powder products then add to my reservoir with no complications ? My friend told me that it wasn’t a good idea to use these products together this way.

Mixing Concentrates

Dear Mixing Concentrates:

The first thing to know is that most hydroponics nutrients manufacturers recommend that you don’t mix their products with other company’s products.

Most hydroponics nutrients are manufactured in unscientific conditions, not tested on marijuana, and with questionable quality control standards.

Incompatibility between nutrients brands is common, and creates problems with pH, nutrients absorption, and cannabis root health.

If you want to try using all these products together anyway, I recommend following the manufacturer’s mixing instructions that specify a certain amount of nutrients per gallon of water.

Carefully monitor you parts per million and pH at all times.

Mix your base nutrients first. Then add bloom boosters or other supplements.

Keep monitoring ppm and pH… not just when you mix, but a few hours later, and then on an ongoing basis day after day.

You’ll find that with many brands of nutrients, your pH is shifting radically and sometimes out of range. That’s because most brands of nutrients are not well-manufactured, not tested on cannabis plants.

Try not to exceed 800 ppm, and watch out to make sure you’re not burning your plants or depriving them of absorbable nutrients.

I know it can be fun to toy around with mixing different nutrients products, even powders.

But unless you have a degree in plant science or chemistry, it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Most of the time when I’ve seen powders used, I’ve seen them not totally dissolve into solution, and/or they precipitate out of solution.

Powdered nutrients and supplements can harm your reservoir pumps, and it can be absolutely deadly if you’re using aeroponics or deep water culture.

I suggest making your life easier, and your marijuana plants happier and more productive, by using base nutrients and supplements made by the same manufacturer, and in liquid form.

Dear Big Buds,

Hi, I’m a newbie to growing marijuana hydroponically. I’m growing a strain from seeds that came from weed I bought.

I’m using Sensi Grow and Bloom pH Perfect, and the labels are correct, it does make the pH perfect. The pH stays at 5.7 for at least a week!

But what I want to know is, what should I use along with the base nutrients, and why?

Newbie to Growing Marijuana

Hello, and welcome to the world of growing cannabis. It’s a great world to be in.

You’ve made a smart choice by using pH Perfect nutrients. Trust me, as a newbie grower, I hated using pH meters, and they cost a lot too. This new kind of hydroponics base nutrients is a big relief!

There are many useful additives you can put in along with your base nutrients.

The best time to use additives is during bloom phase. Please note that as one of my fellow writers has explained in an article you should definitely read, marijuana has four bloom phases, not just one.

Each of these phases benefits from the correct dose of hydroponics base nutrients at the correct pH, but also from targeted additives that help the formation of budding sites, bud structure, and resin glands.

As I said when I answered the earlier question before yours, I recommend using only products made by the same manufacturer that made your base nutrients.

So in this case, using Sensi Grow and Bloom pH Perfect, in bloom phase you’d use Bud Ignitor, Big Bud, and Overdrive to give you faster-maturing, larger buds with more THC and other cannabinoids.

Please enter the word “newbie” into our site search engine, and otherwise read through the hundreds of marijuana growing articles we give you here at BigBudsMag.com.

Everyone who writes for this magazine is a marijuana grower, and the information we share with you is all about giving you the easiest time of getting huge, satisfying harvests of the stoniest weed ever grown!

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