art of hemp expo

Art of Hemp Expo

Art of Hemp Expo put on by New Key Events

Location: NOS Convention Center, Inland Empire

From the website:

"The Art of Hemp is the perfect opportunity for you to expose your business and express yourself.  Come and sell your products to thousands of guests who are eager to attend this popular exhibit. 
Our goal is to educate individuals about the rich product of cannabis which has various ways of enhancing life as we know it.  For the art of hemp we search to showcase artistic products, collectives, Lawyers, growers, hydroponic distributers, Clubs/Associations, etc…

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies will be handed out during the live broadcasting for product categories of Most Creative, Most Innovative, Sexiest, Most Colorful, Best smelling, most stylish, and most informative.

The economical entry fee of $15 is available for 18 and older guests only!  Come and join us as we present hemp as never seen before.  The multi billion dollar industry is waiting for YOU!

'It’s Not Just for Glaucoma Anymore!'"

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