Hydroponics marijuana growingMarijuana roots from hydroponics deep water culture: super-healthy!
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Advantages of Hydroponics Marijuana Growing

Hydroponics marijuana growing offers you several powerful advantages compared to soil growing.

Some people claim that organic marijuana growing in soil produces tastier, cleaner buds, but facts don’t support that.

Here’s what you need to know about hydroponics marijuana growing…

Hydroponics Marijuana Growing Gives You
Total Control Over Your Cannabis Plants’ Environment

Hydroponics marijuana growing (especially indoors) gives you total control over everything that happens to and with your treasured plants.

You can totally control the environment your plants grow in, and all the inputs they get. This includes temperature, humidity, light wavelengths, light cycles, air movement, air exchange, carbon dioxide (C02) levels.

You can set your indoor hydroponics marijuana growing environment for the exact conditions your plants most need.

For example, Sativa genetics like warmer, more humid environments, but Afghanica and Kush genetics like cooler, less humid environments.

Or, marijuana strains often have stark differences in what ratios and amounts of nutrients elements they thrive on.

Using hydroponics marijuana growing feed programs, you precisely control the amount and ratio of everything your marijuana plants take in. This can’t be done in soil marijuana growing, especially outdoor soil marijuana growing.

Indoor Hydroponics Marijuana Growing = Total Feed Control

When you grow in pure hydroponics systems such as aeroponics, fogponics, NFT, deep water culture (DWC), you have the most direct, precise method for delivering water, nutrients, and oxygen to your plants’ roots.

You’ll hear soil marijuana, organic marijuana, and outdoor growing advocates making superiority claims about soil growing, but they can’t accurately say that soil growing gives you precision nutritional control.

It doesn’t.

When you use pure hydroponics marijuana growing (as compared to media-based hydroponics such as rockwool, grow rocks, and coco coir), your marijuana roots can just “inhale” nutrients, water, and oxygen without having to work for it.

When you use Grodan rockwool, grow rocks, clay pellets, perlite, or coco coir with hydroponics marijuana growing, you still get advantages compared to soil growing, because those materials are almost totally inert, allowing you to control hydroponics nutrients input.

In soil marijuana growing, your plants’ roots have to fight their way through material, deal with potentially-harmful organisms, and work harder to extract nutritional elements.

So recognize one big advantage of hydroponics marijuana growing is your plants have an easier situation in the root zone, which creates faster growth, healthier plants, and larger buds with more resin glands.

Another big advantage is that when you use pH Perfect base nutrients and the manufacturer’s accompanying bloom boosters and supplements, you determine every input your plants get.

This gives you the power to push growth, THC production, taste, and aroma to the maximum that your marijuana genetics can give you.

Note: Use reverse osmosis water and pH Perfect base nutrients to get the full benefits of indoor hydroponics marijuana growing.

Indoor Hydroponics Marijuana Growing Protects Your Plants

Marijuana plants can be harmed by pests, diseases, viruses, microbes, heat, cold, drought, flooding, bad water, bad nutrients, humidity problems.

These threats all come with outdoor marijuana growing.

If you grow in soil indoors, you can eliminate all those threats except for threats present in the soil or in the nutrients, which can be substantial.

In fact, even the best brands of soil and organic nutrients have had on-board problems including heavy metals, diseases, thrips, root aphids, fungus gnats, spider mites, mosaic virus, and other problems that harm marijuana plants.

Hydroponics Marijuana Growing Bigger Yields Tactics

As you’ve seen, hydroponics marijuana growing can be superior to soil marijuana growing when it comes to plant safety, growth rate, potency, quality, and harvest size.

Here are tips that help you maximize your indoor hydroponics marijuana growing advantages:

  • Keep hydroponics nutrients water temperature at 68F, especially if you’re running a hot grow room when augmenting C02.
  • Aerate hydroponics nutrients water to mix nutrients and increase dissolved oxygen.
  • Use a precise bloom nutrients and lighting phase recipe for earlier, faster bud set, larger buds, and more cannabinoid production. Read how here.
  • Tailor your hydroponics marijuana growing room environment to match the native conditions of your plants’ genetics.
  • Starting when peak bloom phase begins, make your lights-off temperatures 10-12 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than your lights-on temperatures, especially if you’re growing Kush or Afghanica marijuana strains.
  • Increase filtration on all air intakes.
  • Add C02 to no higher than 1100-1200 ppm during lights-on period.

Almost all of us on the BigBudsMag.com grow team have grown multiple crops indoors and outdoors using supersoil, or commercial brands like Fox Farm Ocean Forest or Roots Organic.

We love the organic, natural, old school feel of growing in soil.

And we agree that indoor hydroponics marijuana growing requires more equipment, expertise, and attention to detail, especially when compared to outdoor marijuana growing in soil.

But we also recognize that indoor hydroponics marijuana growing provides significantly larger, more potent yields of cleaner buds.

When you use supercharged deep water culture systems and pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients, for example, your crops give you amazingly rapid growth, earlier maturation, larger and stickier buds.

The extra cost and effort of hydroponics marijuana growing is well worth it when you realize that you can get more and bigger harvests per year.

For a detailed comparison of the differences between soil marijuana growing and hydroponics marijuana growing, read this article.

As always, it’s up to you decide which style of growing most gives you what you want from your marijuana plants. Enjoy your marijuana garden!

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