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More Than Just A Good Smell: Unlocking The Power Of Rare Terpenes

Our knowledge of terpenes remains limited, considering how prevalent they are in our environment. Indeed, terpenes are present in many of Earth’s living things — and they might even change the plastics and fuel industries as expanding innovation begins to unlock and explore these aromatic organic compounds. This revelation is what makes the current focus […]

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After the New York Health Department paid a visit to Manhattan’s Fat Cat Kitchen, it was forced to remove all CBD-infused products from its menu, including these cookies and Rice Krispies Treats. (Image courtesy of @fatcatkitchen)

Raid Series, Part 2: Why Is Law Enforcement Cracking Down On CBD Businesses In New York?

Hemp has become incredibly popular in the past decade. As more and more states legalize recreational cannabis, more and more people are also learning about cannabinoids such as cannabidiol, better known as CBD. But many people still have misconceptions about what CBD actually is and its legality, particularly the difference between hemp-derived and cannabis-derived products. […]

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