6 Marijuana Growers Apps

6 Great Apps For Marijuana Growers

Marijuana growers, medical marijuana dispensaries, and marijuana users use customized smartphone apps to help with their marijuana endeavors!

Marijuana Android and iPhone apps help growers maximize their grow room productivity,

Medical Marijuana GrowApp [no longer available]
Screenshot of Android OS

With Medical Marijuana GrowApp, growers get Android and iPhone marijuana tutorials, a problem solving wizard, a searchable weed dictionary, grow journal and more. This app is available as a free version as well as a paid version which contains more features. This all-round guide can help you grow quality marijuana easily and conveniently.

Cannabis Pocket Reference
Cannabis Pocket Reference

This stylish Android and iOS application—accurate, media rich, easy-to-use—is an ultimate marijuana guide!

The design is more tablet friendly than most apps on the market, and features an in-depth hydroponics marijuana grow guide, exclusive high-grade nutrient charts, pest eradication tips (including organic solutions), marijuana strain database, alchemy guide, visual plant RX gallery, legal status maps, and history timeline. It is highly informative for beginner and expert marijuana growers.

Weed Maps
weed maps

‘Weed Maps’ is a free app for Android and iPhone that helps you find legal recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries. You just enter the closest 5 digit zip code and with the help of Google Maps, you get a list of marijuana providers, along with information about the providers, and reviews.

You can check out marijuana menus, community reviews, photos, and blogs to find the best weed store to suit your  marijuana needs.

Dr Weed – Medical Marijuana News & Strain Guide 1.0 [no longer available]
GreenDrop Collective

A complete guide for cultivating and/or using indoor hydroponics or outdoor marijuana methods. You learn about all the various marijuana strains and discover which is the best strain for your illness.

You can also discover tasty marijuana food recipes, marijuana podcasts, medical marijuana news, EC-PPM conversion charts, and yield and dosing guides. Works for Android and iOS devices.

Cash Crop [no longer available]
cash crop app

This handy marijuana application for iPhone, Android and Blackberry deals with the various challenges faced by hydroponic marijuana growers. It features a PPM calculator, CO2 calculator, temperature converter, air exchange calculator, estimated cost calculator, growth schedule and information about marijuana plant deficiencies and hydroponics systems.

Weed Farmer
weed farmer

The Weed Farmer is an online marijuana growing video game. It gives you the opportunity chance to interact with over 30,000 players worldwide.

Weed Farmer is much more than a virtual plant growing application—you can chat live in-game with other hydroponics and outdoor growers (and maybe pick up some real world cannabis crop tips).

There are many more custom-made applications for your smartphones, like Gardening Daily and Harvest In My Room, which can turn your growing experience a joyride at the click of a button! Whether you have an iPhone, Blackberry or Android, these cannabis apps will permit you to get on-the-spot access to bud details, growing tips, and anything else you need to know in the marijuana industry.

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