Get More Marijuana Using C02 in Your Grow Room

Savvy indoor marijuana growers looking to push their girls to the limit use supplemental CO2. CO2 is a gas used by plants during photosynthesis. Photosynthesis, in turn, produces all the energy plants need to function.
So it makes sense that increasing the concentration of CO2 around the plant should increase its rate of growth. Sure enough, studies and first-hand experience confirm adding CO2 can significantly boost growth.

Still, many people I’ve encountered over the years first insist that adding CO2 didn’t increase their growth at all.

After talking with these good folks and walking them through a checklist, each one was eventually able to realize the full benefits of CO2. Combating this problem can be tricky, but if you follow this checklist you’ll be harvesting thicker, heavier, bigger buds in no time.


GROWING PLANTS NEED MORE NUTES – Plants should take in more water and nutrients after CO2 is added.
Expect to change out your reservoirs and water buckets more often. Plants that grow faster drink more water and need more food. Even experienced growers can have trouble with this step due to the potential for nutrient burn.

The question is, “if adding more than I’m using now will burn them, how can I add more food?” This is why people use nutrient supplements. Adding more than the recommended dosage of a main nutrient, like Iguana Juice or Sensi A/B, can cause too high a concentration of micro-nutrients which burn plant roots. Products like Overdrive, Big Bud and Kushy Kush are specifically formulated to give CO2 pumped plants the extra boost they need without causing toxic nutrient levels.

INCREASE PPM – For high-performance, indoor CO2 should be raised to between 1000-1500PPM.Rural CO2 is typically between 300-450 PPM (Parts Per Million). Ambient CO2 in cities is usually between 500-650 PPM.

There are many ways to achieve higher CO2 concentrations, including tank/regulator, gas burners, chemical, and even fungus. Consult your local hydro-store employee for advise on which method would be best for your space/budget.

YOU NEED MORE LIGHT – You need at least 40 watts of per square foot to see benefits from CO2, preferably 60w/ft².

This refers to light coming from intense sources such as Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium. Fluorescent and low-output LED’s don’t produce enough light intensity to require higher levels of CO2.

RAISE THE TEMPERATURE – Temperatures should be increased 0.7°F per 100PPM increase in CO2.If your ambient CO2 is 400 and you raise it to a steady 1400, you want to increase the temperature by 7°F. Temperature and CO2 intake are directly related in almost all higher plants, particularly cannabis.

In high CO2 conditions, sometimes plants’ ability to photosynthesize exceeds their ability to “sweat” water. In these cases it is helpful to give cannabis supplemental carbohydrates like Bud Candy. Not only will it make your girls smell and taste their best, but it will ensure your plants are using all that CO2.

AIR CIRCULATION IS CRITICAL – Make sure the CO2 is getting to your girls!
Make sure the CO2 you’re adding to the room is making direct contact with your plants’ vegetation. First, make sure your air system is setup such that the CO2 stays in the garden.

There should not be a large exhaust fan in the main room, unless it’s setup on a timer with the CO2 system. Oscillating fans are a good way to make sure that the CO2 is contacting leaves directly. CO2 is heavier than air so it falls downward. Use this fact to your advantage and place CO2 emitters directly above plants.

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