Boosting Tips For Marijuana Growers

5 Yield-Boosting Tips For Marijuana Growers

Whether you’re a professional marijuana grower or a newbie marijuana grower, there are five rules you can follow to gain more THC and more satisfaction from your growing.

Rule number one is something you’re doing right now: you’re seeking cannabis growing information.

One reason I love growing marijuana is I love the gear, soil, pumps, lights, climate control, and all the other equipment marijuana plants require.

But you need accurate information from several sources– a hydroponics store,, marijuana grow books, trusted marijuana growing friends. Otherwise, you might buy grow supplies that aren’t  worth your money, and that affects your marijuana plants’ health and output.

It’s also very true that all of us benefit from reading articles and viewing YouTube videos about marijuana growing. I learned 80% of my grow knowledge from other people.

Rule number two is you need the best cannabis genetics you can get. Every year, I spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars buying the most premium, tested, and amazing marijuana strains I can find.

You can use the most powerful hydroponics nutrients, the strongest grow lights, and give your plants constant care, but if their genetics are inferior, you can’t make them do more than their genetics programs them to do.

You find the best genetics by looking at articles here on, and  in High Times, featuring the top genetics from the best cannabis breeders worldwide.

I recommend growing from seed not just from clone. Using seed crops, you can breed your own strains, and help diversify the cannabis gene pool so marijuana will survive pests and diseases that destroy agricultural crops that are all grown from the same genetics.

Using pollen and creating seeded buds takes more time and expertise than growing all clones, but when you learn to make marijuana strains that totally suit your desires, you’ll see why clones are just one part of your cannabis toolkit.

Rule number three is that you need to always be security-conscious about your marijuana growing, even in the most legalized states such as Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

Until the feds legalize marijuana nationwide, police can arrest you for marijuana no matter what state law says.

And marijuana is worth hundreds of dollars per ounce. If friends, family, repair people, neighbors, or others know you grow marijuana, they can use that information against you. They might rip you off. Or if there’s a custody dispute in a divorce, an ex might nark on you to make you look bad in the eyes of a judge.

Rule number four is to never use poisons in your grow room when your plants are growing.

In limited circumstances, you could use poisons such as chlorine bleach or fungicides to clean a grow room and its equipment in between crops.

But it’s just plain wrong to spray poisons on your marijuana plants. No matter what some people say, residues will transfer into your plants and stay on the surface. When you use that marijuana, those poisons go into you and whoever else consumes your bud.

Rule number five is to be a perfectionist when it comes to your grow room conditions. Read this article on ideal grow room conditions and do your best to match them.

Growing your best buds requires self-discipline, attention to detail, and dedication. It sure does pay off!

When you spend money on climate control, fans, lighting, reverse osmosis, and other gear, and when you spend money on the best cannabis genetics too, you’re assuring the highest quality and the heaviest weight from your plants.

You’re also preventing problems–everything from fires to spider mites–that could ruin your crops and even your life.

These five simple rules are your foundation for the best marijuana gardens you’ve ever created. Have fun growing the kind herb!

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