Yield Boosting Basics For Indoor Marijuana Growers

Besides creating the highest quality product possible, the goal for every medical marijuana grower is to maximize their yield. Many factors contribute to a garden’s yield, all of which can be assessed and tweaked as needed. Many times growers are disappointed by the yields of their gardens, thinking they should have produced more. There are some simple checkpoints any grower—from hobbiest to commercial—can address throughout their growing career to consistently produce gardens with superior yields.

Energy in equals energy out. Probably the largest single contributor to the yield of a garden is the amount of light energy going into a grow room. At my grow store I continuously explained to gardeners that it is not the amount of plants in a grow room that determines yield but instead the amount of watts. If a grower is properly utilizing the light footprint of their given wattage it should not matter if there are a hundred plants or six plants; the yields would be comparable.

Now, of course, if you are only growing six plants there would have to be a longer vegetative period to create plants large enough to utilize the light footprint, but still, it is wattage that determines your yield, not the number of plants. It is also very important to replace your HID lights on a regular basis as they diminish in light energy output as they age. Old bulbs produce less usable light energy, in turn creating lower yields.




Ventilation and CO2
Proper ventilation rids the grow room of excess heat and humidity and also brings in fresh air which contains the CO2 needed for photosynthesis. Grow rooms with insufficient ventilation yield much less than grow rooms with proper atmospheric conditions. The supplementation of additional CO2 can be a huge contributor to a garden’s production. When used correctly, CO2 enrichment can raise yields as much as 30%.


Quality Nutrients
Unfortunately, with nutrients you generally get what you pay for. Going cheap on nutrients will result not only in lower yields but also a lower quality product and many more problems for the crop. Advanced Nutrients is the only company that creates nutrients specifically tested for medical marijuana. Plants are as diverse as any other biological creature and to think that a general fertilizer is good enough for high production gardens is ignorant.

Advanced Nutrients’ Sensi, Connoisseur and Iguana Juice base nutrients are of the utmost quality and are guaranteed to increase yields. If you are growing medical marijuana, I highly recommend choosing one of Advanced Nutrients’ base formulas along with their blooming enhancers like Big Bud and Overdrive.


Plants, like people, are all built differently. Finding a genetic that produces high yields and quality buds is extremely important for any grower’s success. Remember that each grower and grow room is different and just because a genetic works well for your buddy doesn’t necessary mean it will perform well for you. The best way to find your “holy grail” genetic is through experimentation. Start out with a few different varieties and after a few harvests decide which one works best for you.



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