What Is The Proper Dosage For Medical Marijuana Edibles

Dear Harvest Honey.

What is it with edibles? Either they don’t affect me at all or I pass out completely …. Why can I not find a balance? Is there a good recommended dosage for edibles?  Should I stay away from the 10x and stick to 2x or what?

Nate P from Blythe

If you could tell me what “1x” means, I could be of more assistance. Next time you see a cookie or a brownie that says something ridiculous like 10x, 20x or even seen100x, ask the person selling such items, ”what is x?” Nine times out of ten there isn’t an answer for what x is. Apparently, the person marketing these poorly labeled “medicated” items missed high school algebra, because without the value of x, this doesn’t answer the question of “how strong is it.” Rather than get the product potency tested, they are passing off whatever they come up with as “4 x” or “10x” to give the consumer the impression that it is x amount stronger than what you’re used to.

I always recommend that edibles you purchase as a medical cannabis patient should be tested and labeled with the proper milligram and dosage information, rather than just having someone’s personal take on the strength of an item. Everyone has their own body chemistry and everyone’s bodies react differently based on how their body metabolizes the sugars and cannabinoids. If you want to know how strong an edible is, you should ask how many milligrams of THC are in it. Depending on your weight, metabolism and tolerance, you should feel the effects somewhere between 20mg-60mg.

Did they make the item with oil, butter, coconut oil, hash oil or kief? This makes a big difference because of fat content and the way it metabolizes. Is it a heated item or cold prepared item?  Temperature is a big factor on the concentration of THCmg/g. Was it made in a commercial kitchen or was it home baked? If you have any immune deficiency issues, a clean certified kitchen can help insure your edibles were prepared in safe cooking conditions.  There are many questions that you should know the answer to if you are unsure about edibles.

If you are typically a smoker who is thinking of taking edibles, here’s some rough guidelines to consider. Someone who smokes 0.5g of cannabis that is 10% in total THC, assuming that only about half is actually absorbed by the lungs, would have consumed 25mg of THC. In the prescription Marinol (synthetic THC, commonly prescribed to chemotherapy patients), the maximum dosage is 10mg.

Many people don’t take edibles as serious as they should. Too much is no good for anyone who eats an item with an intolerable dosage. And having too little is a real problem for anyone with serious neuropathy or nausea issues looking for relief. But for all of you who are not sure about edibles, have serious medical issues that are being treated with cannabis, or anyone with a sensitive stomach—consult with your primary care physician and try to stick with the ones that have been potency and contaminant tested, preferably made in a commercial kitchen so you know its good and clean. Or get crafty and make some yourself!

Blessed Love
Harvest Honey

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