Ultimate Outdoor Marijuana Growing With Brown Dirt Warrior's 'Therapeutic' Pt. 1

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By Brown Dirt Warrior


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Ultimate Outdoor Marijuana Growing With Brown Dirt Warrior's 'Therapeutic' Pt. 1

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The outdoor growing season is fading faster than the autumn sun. But just because you've trimmed your final harvest of 2012 doesn't mean you shouldn't already be thinking about 2013. Spring isn't as far away as you think, which is why Big Buds is proud to present the first in a series of weekly episodes of Therapeutic, the new series by master outdoor grower Brown Dirt Warrior.

With over 25 years of experience as a licensed medical marijuana grower, Brown Dirt has seen it all. And his series is aimed to help growers of all levels develop the skills it takes to "get crazy root mass, learn the secrets of growing above and below ground growing, tips for growing hard sugary nugs, copious productive bud sites and massive cola structures."

In this first segment, Brown Dirt gets philosophical about what it means to grow outdoors. Then he gets practical, teaching you how to identify the best location to plant your outdoor medical marijuana crops. Enjoy part one below, and check back each week for another informative episode. We promise you'll be better educated and inspired to get your crop into the ground come spring thaw.




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