Beneficial Insects & Other Methods to Stop Marijuana Pests & Marijuana Diseases

Marijuana pests are one of the main reasons we see grow room and outdoor marijuana disasters.

Many of us know the heartbreak of seeing spider mite tents, spotted leaves, sucking aphids, fungus gnats, whiteflies budworms, and many other meanies plaguing our beautiful cannabis plants.

Some marijuana growers resort to Malathion, AVID or other poisons when their plants are under threat from little beasties.

They’ll go insane trying to stop powdery mildew, gray mold, and other attackers.

But there’s a better way to beat marijuana pests.

You can use “beneficial insects” that are predators against the most common marijuana pests.

Start by taking a look at this visually attractive and information-rich listing of beneficial insects for your garden.

And check out “Good Bugs, Bad Bugs,” a fun and very practical guide to beneficial and harmful insects.

Not only will you be intrigued by the possibilities of using non-toxic methods to fight bad insects, you’ll also get turned on to the idea that beneficial insects add a new layer of fun and ecology to your gardening.

It’s like having an aquarium, except instead of fish in water it’s all these colorful insects helping you protect your buds!

When you’re ready to order, look for online beneficial insect companies that have a solid reputation and have been in the business a while.

Then contact at least one of these beneficial insect companies (anonymously, of course) and ask them any questions you have about the benefits and application of beneficial insects to help you protect your plants.

One of the most beneficial of beneficial insects is  the Minute Pirate Bug (scientific name: Orius insidiosus).

Pirate bugs eat caterpillars, aphids, thrips, and mites.

And they’re not the only beneficial insects

Along with armoring your hydroponics marijuana plants using potassium silicate and implementing the strictest possible vector controls, consider using beneficial insects as a safe and relatively effective way of battling the most common bad insects that harm medical marijuana crops.

Take a look at the videos embedded in this article for even more ways to safely beat marijuana pests.

Anything is better than using poisons!

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