Use Green Light To Work In Your Indoor Garden During Dark Cycle

So much to do with so little time — especially when the day is only 12-hours long. Busy indoor growers don’t often have the time to do the work that needs to do be done when HID lights are on. Some things, like foliar feeding or spraying for pests and diseases just can’t be done with the lights on.

Here’s a helpful hint: There’s 12 more hours in the day you can utilize. But you can’t just go in your medical marijuana grow room while the lights are out and shine a flashlight. This would disturb the light cycle and put the plants in shock if done repeatedly. These interruptions can promote hermaphrodite flowers and cause a decrease in yield.

So how can you work in the dark when you can’t see? By using the illumination of a green light. The reason we see plants as green is because they do not use any of the green spectrum to create energy. Instead unused green spectrum reflects back to us and we view plants as the color green.

This all boils down to the fact that if you shine a green light during the dark cycle it will not hurt a thing. In my rooms, I have a light in both vegetative and flowering sites. When I need to do a little foliar feeding or just catch up on work needing to be done that I couldn’t get to the previous night, I just flick on the green bulb and get to work.

Now, there are a few options when it comes to purchasing a green bulb to work under. Most big box construction stores like Lowes and Home Depot carry CFLs (compact fluorescents) that are green. Your local hydroponics store should also carry replacement T5 bulbs that are green too.

With fluorescents, however, it is not guaranteed they are in the exact spectrum. Some of these lights may just be green from the colored glass of the CFL. These bulbs have never given me a problem when used in the bloom room during the dark cycle, but I now use an LED bulb instead. With LEDs you get the exact spectrum of the color desired and nothing else.

Your local hydro store may carry a company called Green Eye. This company creates solutions for working at night. They make a clip-on light that attaches to the bill of a hat, a headlamp, and a plain ol’ flashlight.

LED lighting manufacturer StealthGrow now makes a green LED light called the SG NiteLight. This light allows you to work in your grow room at night without disturbing your plants’ photoperiod. As an added bonus, the light pulls a measly 5 watts of power. The bulb screws into a standard socket and runs on 110 and 220 volt circuits.

Next time your sitting around and your thinking about how you forgot to top off your reservoir and you can’t do it because your plants are in the dark cycle, no worries. Just head to your room and turn on your green light, or use your flashlight. Need to foliar feed before the lights come on, but don’t want to trip over your feet? Use a green light.

Try it out. You might find things you don’t see in a different light.

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