Marijuana sex toys for women

Top 5 Marijuana Sex Toys for Women

As Christmas approaches, you can bet that lots of stoner women and their marijuana sex partners have been reading my cannabis sex articles and enjoying more orgasms and new sexual adventures, so what better time for a sexy Christmas gift for your favorite stoner girls!

Guys and girls are asking me about super sex toys to use when high on marijuana, so here are my very personal marijuana sex toys for women:

Svakom Vibrator and GoPro Camera: Do you get sexually excited when you see a nice p***y? Other than gay guys, most of us do.

Another question: if you’re a woman, do you like vibrators? Most women do.

So now get a combined internal camera and vibrator so you see inside the p***y, and have vibrator orgasms at the same time.

They call this camera vibrator “The Gaga.”

I’m not sure if Lady Gaga was involved in product testing, but this hot little cam vibrator is technologically advanced and even gives a girl easy ways to share her internal movies.

Lights, camera, orgasm!!!

Vibrator Jewelry: Now there’s a sleek selection of wearable sex toy vibrators, and some are in 24-K gold-plated or silver.

You hang them as jewelry around your neck, ready for instant sex action.

They call these “designer vibrators” because they’re configured as jewelry and fashion accessories, not just as sex pleasure toys.

One of my female friends has one and says that when she uses marijuana and “fondles” her gold-plated vibrator, she has “instant orgasms.”

Ride It to Orgasms: I went to an all-female cannabis sex party where two pieces of pleasure technology fueled our scandalous fun.

We had a Volcano vaporizer, and the other tech was a noisy machine that reminded me of a cowgirl riding a mechanical horse or bull.

The sex machine I’m talking about is “the Sybian.”

A girl gets on the Sybian saddle and the machine’s motor and Sybian accessories rub her clit and vulva in a whole-crotch way.

Or she can choose either of two sizes of dildos that attach to the saddle and give a girl the penetration ride of her life.

This was probably the ultimate all-girl marijuana sex party ever seen! The machine wore every girl out.

And of course we cleaned it in between each girl’s use.

I inhaled an entire Volcano Vaporizer bag of Pineapple Express, and got on the Sybian.

The machine has “rotational penetration” that drove me insane.

These sex machines cost a lot and are large and noisy, but what a powerful sex toy, and they never have erectile dysfunction, lol.

Oral Pleasure Without the Teeth: Most women love being eaten, but a lot of people don’t know how to give oral sexual pleasure.

That’s why women love sex toys like the Sqweel2 oral sex tool.

This oral sex toy is wicked: it has “ten tongues.”

It does way more than a regular tongue and mouth, it’s waterproof and tiny, and you can adjust it to fit your specific oral sex desires.

The Vibrator that Listens & Responds: The Club Vibe 2.OH is super sweet for girls who like to use cannabis and go to dance clubs and concerts.

Why? Because you wear the Club Vibe on your crotch and its vibrations respond to and change depending on music, or whatever else is audible in your environment.

It can be remote controlled if you want someone else to have fun with your crotch, has five different vibrational patterns, and comes with its own custom-stitched panties made to ensure that the Club Vibe stays on the clit and vulva no matter what.

For some of these toys, I recommend using marijuana massage oil as lubrication.

This gives marijuana’s aphrodisiac effects, and improves the health of the vagina and vulva too!

For women who love sex and marijuana, these toys are perfect companions to safely enhance orgasms and overall pleasure, with an intensity you never experienced before.


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