Three Ways Marijuana Gets You More & Better Sex

As a female marijuana grower writing about marijuana and sex, I get asked by men (and sometimes women) if marijuana can be used to get more and better sex.

This article is for sure going to help you see the connection between good marijuana and getting good sex, but first I have to acknolwedge that some sleazy guys try to get a girl intoxicated to sexually take advantage of her.

She might not have consented to sex if she’s sober, but the guy buys her some alcohol drinks, or slips some Ecstasy or a date rape drug into her drink, or shares crippling dank or butane honey oil with her.

She gets drunk, E-happy, stoned, or sedated, and is “loosened up” so she’s more likely to have sex…or unable to resist it because she’s too intoxicated.

And it’s not always guys who do this. Women can be sexually aggressive too! I wrote previously about how a bi-sexual female marijuana grower friend of mine wanted to have sex with me, but I wasn’t into women and told her so.

She got me high on some “sex weed,” and put the moves on me.

Because the marijuana made me feel horny and open-minded, I let the girl-girl sex happen (it was my first time ever), and the orgasms and the whole experience were wild!

I’m not saying she “tricked me” with bud, or that I regret the hot sex that happened with her, but I doubt I’d have gone for the girl-girl thing if I’d not been high.

It got me to realizing there are three ways marijuana can get you laid:

• If you have premium marijuana with the right ratio of Sativa and Indica, it makes a body high that heads towards sensual pleasure and relaxation.

The Indica influences the body, and the Sativa opens the mind so your usual sexual menu expands.

If you’re using this kind of marijuana with someone already attracted to you, it could be the key that unlocks their sexuality so they share it with you.

• When you look on Craigslist or other dating sites, you see girls who describe themselves as “420 friendly.” Here’s an example I found on a recent Craigslist advertisement:

“Hey there, I’m a 20-year-old 420-loving nursing student who enjoys the green, but I don’t know anybody who has any. If you want a hot smoke buddy and a nice day at the beach or maybe in the sheets, and if your green is the kindest herb, hit me up.”

Yes, you have to watch out that the Craigslist advertiser isn’t a nark.

And you also realize the girl is implying that if you have weed, and play your cards right, she might give you some sex in return for getting her high.

• This tip is especially for marijuana growers: If you’re a serious professional cannabis grower making big money growing marijuana, or you have large amounts of the finest purchased marijuana, girls are naturally attracted to successful guys and kind weed.

These aren’t all just heartless biatches trying to take advantage of you or use you!

It’s in a woman’s nature to look for the alpha male…someone who’s way successful at what he does.

If you have a beautiful hydroponics grow room producing the stickiest, strongest, tastiest marijuana in a professional way and living the high life because of it, a woman is more likely to be attracted to you than if you’re a loser.

When I was explaining all this marijuana sex stuff to guy friends, they asked if marijuana is used as a date rape drug.

In the past, when all we had was whole bud marijuana, I’d immediately said no.

But now with high-powered marijuana concentrates like shatter, errl, and butane honey oil, and the knockout way they affect some people, marijuana in concentrated form probably could be used in an evil way to incapacitate someone so they’re incapable of voluntarily consenting to have sex.

Which of course is totally wrong to do to somebody, and not part of the cannabis vibe.

If you get someone so high that they’re unable to make a rational decision about sex, or resist your sexual advances, then you’re a sexual predator who’s just as bad as any other rapist.

Marijuana is a potent aphrodisiac—especially when used as a massage oil or as bubblehash inserted into the vagina–and you can find out more about that in other sex and marijuana articles here at

When I get stoned, I immediately feel it in my p**sy. The marijuana gets me wet and horny as hell, which is embarrassing sometimes, especially if I’m wearing a bikini (hey, Kim, what’s with the wet spot?), or at a social event.

So in answer to your questions: Yes, stoners, marijuana can get you laid, and  marijuana enhances sexual pleasure.

Use marijuana and sex ethically, and enjoy the marijuanagasms!

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