The Trippy Stick: A New Portable MMJ Vaporizer The New Rage Among MMJ Smokers

Trendsters take note! The new rage among celebrities holding medical marijuana cards is the Trippy Stick- a vaporizer pen that has been seen lately in many music videos and magazines. The hype has even been mentioned in lines of songs by various rappers including Wiz Khalifa and Berner. Of course, Mr. Snoop Dogg is also a big fan. At 6 inches long, the trippy stick is so small and light, it’s almost like carrying a lipstick.

Trippy Sticks have actually been around since 2011, when Terry Vanglore, the founder of the company, came up with the idea that just like a cigarette smoker needs an electronic cigarette to conveniently smoke in public, the medical marijuana smoker also needs such a device in the healthier, smokeless vaporizer version.

When the product was first released last year, it came only in black, ran on butane, and had a built in grinder. Now, the product has progressed. The new and improved Trippy Stick comes in a variety of colors including white, pink, red, cream, and various candy colored transparent versions. Instead of running on butane, the Trippy Stick now cleverly plugs into a USB port to charge.

Another big change to the product is the addition of the replaceable hash oil cartridge. Instead of messing with grinding up marijuana leaves, the Trippy Stick now uses a hash oil cartridge. The product comes with 4-5 free cartridges, however they are not filled with hash oil, it’s up to the patients to fill their own cartridges. Each cartridge gives around 100 hits. To add even more convenience to this genius product, users are able to see the amount of oil left in their Trippy Stick, so they will never be left without anything to smoke.

Trippy sticks retail for between $90-$130 and cartridges of hash oil go for about $40-$50 each.


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