The Perfect Stoner Gifts for the Perfect Stoner in your Life

How does the Christmas song go? I’m dreaming of a green Christmas. Just like the ones I used to know. Where the weed buds glisten and stoners listen. To hear the food delivery guy’s steps in the snow…

Not quite, but that’s not the point. We already gave you suggestions for the growers in your life, but not everyone who appreciates a lovely medical marijuana plant grows! The holiday season is here and this year, give the best stoner gifts for everyone in your life. Of course, edibles, papers, pipes, cookbooks and ye’ old cannabis work wonders as stocking stuffers too. It’s all about giving this year so check some of our picks for the best stoner gifts of 2011. Yes, these may be last minute ideas, but they’re so good that we think your loved ones will understand.

Romantic Stoner
1. THC molecule necklace by Aroha Silhouttes. This awesomely nerdy necklace and pendant showcase the molecular structure of THC.  It’s stainless steel finished in a smooth matte black powder coating with gunmetal chain and findings.

2. 10K Yellow Gold Women’s Marijuana Leaf Heart Ring. Nothing says love like a gold weed leaf enclosed in a heart!

Stoner Dude
1. This original 24″ X 36″ Cannabis Flower photomosaic artwork by Jason King is pretty rad. Not only does it feature the image of a beautiful bud, but when you look really close, it’s actually made of 8400 images of tiny little buds!

There’s also a bundle set of three original posters available.

2. Banned brand marijuana BMX bike sprocket

Natural Stoner
1. Is your natural stoner into gardening, or rather growing? These adorable garden markers by Salty’s Pirate Den are handmade from recycled piping and other metal materials. This copper garden marker will make sure the Purple Trainwreck doesn’t get mixed up with another strain. Custom markers available by request.

2. Natural hemp beauty products are chock full of vital nutrients. The Body Shop makes a great hemp hand lotions or try other brands like Jason for other hemp beauty products.{keyword}&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=1008572

Busy Stoner
1. Some stoners are busy juggling several things a day. Help your busy stoner never lose track of that all important time of day with a Cadence 4:20 Chronograph watch.

2. Sharp looking cufflinks are always a good, fancy pants gift. Sharp looking marijuana cufflinks are even better.

Homebody Stoner 
1. If your stoner is into the good stuff they’ll love the pot leaf comforter and sheet set. They can wake and bake in style.

2. Otherwise, they’ll get a kick out of the Marijuana Hemp Leaf Toaster. It burns weed leaves into the toast. Way better than a toasty Virgin Mary.

Let us know what gifts you gave and received this year!

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