The Brown Dirt Warrior Talks Germination – Cloning and Seeding Techniques

Our outdoor-growing expert, The Brown Dirt Warrior, takes it inside for a discussion about two of the most important aspects of germination: cloning and seeding. We get a peek into BDW’s knowledge of best practices for choosing a female plant to use for cloning, and the BDW takes on the role as silent filmographer so we can hear from seed expert Rebecca Ambrose about picking a good seed, and one of the industry’s growing fields: feminized seeds.

Ambrose discusses the techniques for achieving feminized seeds and their likelihood to produce hermaphroditic plants (not something you want in your grow room or garden if you do not want a crop full of seed-packed buds), plus the most common ratios of male-to-female plants in your average group of non-feminized seeds.

She also talks about how to pick the best seed strain for your own personal needs, from wanting relief for a specific ailment, looking for heavy yields, or achieving personal relaxation, as well as how to become a seed breeder (hint: it’s not something you can just jump into).


Enter the world of Brown Dirt Warrior on his new website, for lots more videos, including his cult classic, Prohibition.

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