The Brown Dirt Warrior Shows Outdoor Growers How To Set Up A Marijuana Grow

Our Brown Dirt Warrior just loves to teach new growers all of the best tips and tricks to top-notch outdoor soil marijuana growing. His website and series of informative videos, along with his film, Prohibition, are full of great information for everyone from novice to expert growers.

In this series, the BDW is showing growers how to set up a forest grow, hopefully on your land or the land of someone you know and with whom you have a working relationship. Planting on hostile ground can result in anything from a ruined crop to jail time or even an unwanted altercation.

In this installment, the Brown Dirt Warrior shows viewers how to connect makeshift pipes to from your nearest good water source to your garden, then what kinds of materials in which to store your water, and gives tips on some of the tricks that he has learned along the way when it comes to saving your energy when lugging water around.

Enter the world of Brown Dirt Warrior on his new website, for lots more videos, including his cult classic, Prohibition.


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