The Best Nutes To Accelerate Your Marijuana Roots

There are many advantages of supplementing root stimulators in a medical marijuana garden. In hydroponic systems, the stimulation of healthy root growth is vital to maintaining health and producing abundant yields. Plants with enhanced root masses uptake nutrients more efficiently and therefore grow faster and larger. There is also a heightened resistance to diseases when a plant has a thriving root zone. Many growers are unaware that the promotion of root growth is directly related to the microbial life living on and around the plant’s roots. These microbes not only help ward off invasive pathogens but also promote the release of particular hormones that aid in overall plant development.

Root Juice by Biobizz is an all-organic root stimulator derived from seaweed and humic acid. It is specially formulated to promote vigorous root development and stimulate the microbial life surrounding the root zone. Root Juice can be used in soil or hydroponic systems. This product has been shown to increase resistance to environmental stresses, especially in the early stages of life.

GreenFuse Root Stimulator by Hydrodynamics is a highly concentrated, 100% organic root enhancer derived from pure plant oils and extracts. This plant bio-stimulator serves as an organic catalyst which naturally speeds up the chemical reactions around your plant’s root zone. GreenFuse Root Stimulator is compatible with soil and hydroponic systems.

Sensizym by Advanced Nutrients is a quality enzyme formula designed to break down dead root matter and other waste found around your plant’s rhizosphere. The specially formulated enzymes found in Sensizym break down dead matter and create reusable nutrition for your plants. Advanced Nutrients spent countless hours researching and developing the specific enzymes that are found in Sensizym. Extensive research was also done to determine the optimal ratio of these enzymes for specific use on medical marijuana plants.

Roots Excelurator by House and Garden. Although I’m not a huge fan of House and Garden nutrients, this is one product every hydroponic grower should try. Roots Excelurator is the most powerful and most effective root stimulator on the market. Although its composition is a mystery (the exact formulation is a well kept company secret) it is apparent that this proprietary formula stimulates the microbial field around medical marijuana’s root zone. This product is very concentrated (about 1 ml per gallon of water) so a little goes a long way, which is good considering the high price tag. Roots Excelurator by House and Garden is worth every penny.

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