The Best Strains For Growing Monster Marijuana Plants

Marijuana growers often wonder what makes the difference in whether or not they’re able to grow monster marijuana plants that produce many ounces or even pounds per plant.

Marijuana genetics make an important difference in yield and THC percentages… the strains we recommend as monster marijuana plants have genetics that make them more likely to grow big and produce larger buds and more THC than other strains.

But we also realize that how and where you grow marijuana makes as much difference as the strains of marijuana you grow.

In general, unless you have a very large grow room with high ceilings and lots of HID lights, you won’t get as many grams per plant indoors than you would if you’re growing outdoors.

You also need to give each marijuana plant a lot of space for roots, or use a deep water culture or other pure hydroponics system.

Similarly, if you use professionalized hydroponics nutrients and supplements such as pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients, Big Bud, Bud Factor X rather than Miracle-Gro or other schwag fertilizers, you’ll see healthier plants and bigger yields.

It also helps if you properly top and trim your monster marijuana plants early so they develop multiple main stems instead of the Christmas tree shape that most marijuana plants develop into if they’re untrimmed.

Another way to get monster cannabis plants is to provide more room for their roots, and to feed the root zone beneficial microbes such as Voodoo Juice (along with a booster like Roots Excelurator) so roots get bigger and can support more top growth.

Now here are some marijuana strains that have the genetic tendency to go big and produce large plants and harvests…


Brian Berry Cough is a high-yielding cross between Strawberry Cough and Cherry Space Queen, from the legendary TGA Seeds.

These plants grow very large if you trim them early, and not only will you get massive buds, you’ll also get leaves covered in resin so you can make hashish and cannabis extracts and concentrates.

You need 8-10 weeks in bloom phase, and Subcool advises us that there are two phenotypes of this potent, big-yielding hybrid. One of them has a fruity flavor and smell, and the other tends towards sour taste and smell.

JACK HERER: Originally created by Sensi Seeds, but now better sourced as a clone or from USA breeders rather than from Sensi Seeds, Jack Herer marijuana has a proud heritage including some of the best old school genetics from the 1960s and 70s.

When you feed it Bud Candy, Big Bud, and Overdrive in a properly lit indoor garden with C02, or growing outdoors in moderately-warm and dry climates, you get super-large yields, and the high is heavenly.

Jack Herer carries some Haze and other Sativa genetics, so be prepared to top and train vigorously, or to see it go tall if untopped and especially outdoors.

Jack Herer marijuana has a powerful Haze scent while growing, and especially when you properly dry and cure your Herer buds.

CINDERELLA 99: This is a legendary heavy yielder with a short (50-63 day) bloom phase, which makes it nice for outdoor growers who want their buds ready for harvest before autumn rains come in.

This cannabis strain contains Jack Herer influences, but does not stone you like Jack Herer. It has its own unique high.

BIG BUD: The name says it all. This strain combines Afgahnica and Skunk Indica genetics and has a short bloom phase of 51-57 days, and is a favorite of growers seeking monster marijuana plants that have massive yields.

The plants tend to grow short and dense,  but topping them once around the third week of grow phase will give you even more bud-producing structure.

Big Bud can take heavy feeding from start to finish, and the bloom booster named Big Bud was named for this very high-yielding cannabis strain.

You’ll want to provide netting or staking to keep the bud-laden stems of Big Bud monster marijuana plants from breaking.

You get a rather sweet smoke from Big Bud, and the high is not as crushingly couchlock as you might expect.

Indoors in a professionally-run garden you can see five ounces or more per plant.

WHITE WIDOW: Used to be that almost every marijuana grower was growing or had grown this famous strain.

In the last couple of years you see less White Widow, but it’s a mistake to forget this heavy-yielding, easy to grow, crystally marijuana strain.

You can now procure new-style White Widow seeds and clones. Breeders adjusted the amount of Indica cannabis genetics, adding a hint more Sativa so the high is more uplifiting than before.

This marijuana is also known for its major amount of resin glands, so it’s often grown for hashish production.

Please remember as we said earlier, genetics alone aren’t the sole determiner of whether you’ll grow monster marijuana plants or harvest monster yields.

Also note that many marijuana strains that produce the largest yields are Indica-dominant, which means a different kind of high than strains that are pure Sativa or even a Sativa-dominant hybrid.

When you want the largest marijuana plants with the biggest yields, the monster marijuana strains we just gave you are going to yield huge stacks of sticky buds as long as you’re paying attention to growing conditions and feeding them good food, as any caring grower should :)

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