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Does The UN’s Coming Review Of Cannabis Signify The Global Organization Is Finally Catching Up To The Rest Of The World?

On March 30, 1961, the United Nations adopted the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, a treaty to control and regulate certain substances considered to have medicinal value, while prohibiting the use of drugs and narcotics considered harmful to society and with no medicinal value. The treaty created four schedules of controlled substances and assigned the […]

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Seth Rogen Marijuana Movie

Marijuana Fun: Watch Rogen & Franco Movie “The Interview” Right Now!

Insane wannabe terrorists threatened violent attacks if Sony Entertainment screens a new movie from Pineapple Express co-stars James Franco and Seth Rogen, but you can watch the movie right here right now. Rogen and Franco’s “The Interview” was scheduled for worldwide theater release on Christmas Day, 2014. The movie depicts Seth Rogen and James Franco […]

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