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Dennis Rodman

Cryptocurrency PotCoin Sponsors Dennis Rodman At Trump, Kim Jong Un Peace Summit In Singapore

Just when it seemed the political news front couldn’t possibly get any more bizarre, retired NBA star Dennis Rodman showed up at Singapore’s Changi Airport this week wearing a PotCoin.com T-shirt and red “Make America Great Again” cap while being mobbed by curious reporters. Timed as a publicity stunt to coincide with the summit between […]

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reefer madness

Can We Get Rid of Reefer Madness Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

America’s top law enforcement officer thinks marijuana is only slightly worse than heroin, pushed a state law including death sentences for small-time marijuana dealers, and is a reefer madness drug warrior who threatens to attack legalized marijuana states. But Attorney General Jeff Sessions is also a man accused of lying to Congress about his contacts […]

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Maine marijuana

Recreational Maine Marijuana Legalization Celebrated by Maine Marijuana Growers

Maine marijuana growers and users cheered in 2016 when voters approved Question 1, which legalizes growing, possessing and transfer of marijuana by adults 21 years and older. Prohibitionists such as right-wing Republican Governor Paul LePage told ludicrous reefer madness lies about Question 1. After it passed, LePage and other marijuana opponents forced a costly, time-consuming […]

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Marijuana politics

Trump, Clinton, Sanders: Presidential Marijuana Politics Guide

Marijuana politics question number one: Which of the 2016 presidential major-party candidates would be the safest president for marijuana growers and users? Donald Trump, reality TV star, real estate developer, casino owner, and the presumed nominee for the Republican Party, used to be a wealthy playboy. There are rumors that during his early years, the […]

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