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Image care of Steve Davis, 2018

A Light’s Tale: Next-Gen Grow Lights From EYE Hortilux

Thirty years ago, indoor cannabis grow-light options were limited. We had high intensity discharge (HID) metal halide and high-pressure sodium bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, magnetic core and coil ballasts adapted from street lighting, and store-bought lighting products. None of it was designed or designated for horticulture, and certainly not for marijuana plants. These days, there are […]

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Summer Indoor Marijuana

Summer Indoor Marijuana Growing: Beat the Heat!

When summer arrives, some indoor marijuana growers look at the cost and work of cooling their indoor marijuana grow rooms, and decide to stop growing until the hot weather is gone. Some of you transfer your grow efforts to outdoor marijuana growing, often at remote sites. But many of us look at our hydroponics grow […]

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Marijuana Hydroponics Grow Lights

Hortilux PowerVeg T5 Hydroponics Grow Lights Give Marijuana Growers Extra UVA & UVB

Most marijuana growers have heard UVA and UVB ultraviolet radiation increases production of THC, CBD, and other marijuana compounds. The indoor marijuana community has long realized we want lighting technology that produces plant-stimulating amounts of UVA and UVB. We also learned that a hydroponics bulb with the ability to deliver significant intensity of UV light […]

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Creative Marijuana Lighting Techniques to Increase Yield & Potency

Marijuana growers are constantly trying new lighting techniques and technologies to maximize production and potency. It isn’t always true that the more light you give cannabis plants the better they do, but when you follow the strategies in this article, you’re guaranteed to see increased cannabis plant health, yields, and potency. The first step is […]

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