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overdried buds

Marijuana Mythbusters: Hacking & Unpacking The Tips & Tricks For Re-Moistening Dried-Out Buds

Behold! The heartbreak of crumbly, brown, brittle, overdried cannabis bud, devoid of scent, taste, moisture and crystal. So overdried that they’ve lost the resinous stickiness that gives buds their bag appeal, and clever consumers won’t buy them. It’s all too often a cruel end to a successful season of growing. Disappointed growers often seek help […]

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vapor pressure deficit

Vapor Pressure Deficit Vs. Relative Humidity for Your Marijuana Grow Room

Why should indoor marijuana growers understand vapor pressure deficit? Because vapor pressure deficit affects whether your plants can breathe or not! Vapor pressure deficit readings (VPD) tell you precisely how atmospheric factors are affecting your cannabis plants’ ability to take in and transpire water. The pressure differential between the inside of your plants and their […]

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grow room

Marijuana Grow Room Guide for Maximum Bud Size & Potency

What you do or don’t do to manage your hydroponics marijuana grow room has a huge impact on your harvest weight and bud potency. That’s why we’re giving you this exclusive description of the specific ideal conditions for growing marijuana indoors. The closer you get to making your marijuana grow room have these conditions, the […]

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Marijuana Drying And Curing

Marijuana Drying and Curing Insider Secrets

Many marijuana growers do everything right in their grow op… right up to the moment they harvest their plants. But harvesting isn’t the last thing you do with your season. Marijuana drying and curing comes after harvest, and can improve your buds, or wreck them. The first choice comes with how you harvest. Do you […]

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Stopping Powdery Mildew

Complete Guide to Stopping Powdery Mildew On Your Marijuana Plants

There’s something in the air that marijuana growers don’t like—powdery mildew. This hardworking spore floats around in the air, and also lives on leaves, other surfaces and materials, and in soil. If you’re unlucky, powdery mildew spores find your cannabis leaves and infects them. The infection looks like clumped, sticky sand poured onto your marijuana […]

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marijuana drying & curing

Growing Marijuana: Drying & Curing Marijuana for Perfect Buds

After growing and harvesting your marijuana plants, you have two more important steps before your buds are ready to smoke or process: drying and curing. In about 50% of the cannabis grow ops I’ve seen, growers aren’t drying and curing marijuana the right way. Before we talk about drying and curing, consider the selective harvesting […]

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