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Canadian cannabis legalization

Canadian Marijuana Legalization: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Once upon a time, Canada’s black market and Northern California’s Emerald Triangle made up the largest chunk of the cannabis consumed in North America. BC bud, as it was then commonly known, was the most sought-after marijuana product in Canada and the US. Grown indoors and outdoors in British Columbia, fortunes were easily made in […]

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Teenage Kicks: How Marijuana Usage — And Abstinence — Alters Adolescent Brains

In a previous article, I discussed the negative effects regular cannabis consumption has on adolescent brains. That particular story generated a decidedly negative reaction from the cannabis community, with people called me an “anti-drug warrior” and a “weed hater.” I shared my own teenage experiences with cannabis use, having consumed almost every day for years, […]

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Jack Herer

Jack Herer: Not Just A Marijuana Strain, But A Marijuana Legend

In the decades-long battle against cannabis prohibition, when growing and possessing cannabis was illegal everywhere in the United States, a handful of brave soldiers stood out as leaders in the battle — and all of them were persecuted because of it. Dennis Peron, long considered the father of medical marijuana, was shot by police, but […]

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