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Deep Breath: New Research Undercuts Threats Of Cannabis ‘Breathalyzer’ Tests

Spurred on by fearful public officials and law enforcement, two private companies are pushing to create a legally enforceable cannabis sobriety test designed to not only deter individuals from smoking and driving, but one that could also lead to very lucrative government contracts. Oakland, California-based Hound Labs and its Canadian competitor Cannabix Technologies lead the […]

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Police Officer Expects Profits From Marijuana Breathalyzer DUI Device

Talk about a conflict of interest and a bad idea all wrapped up into yet another attack on the marijuana community… California-based Dr. Mike Lynn, M.D. is an emergency room doctor, police officer, SWAT team member, venture capitalist, and inventor of an expensive new marijuana breathalyzer device that allegedly detects THC recently ingested via inhalation […]

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