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Marijuana Deep Water Culture

Deep Water Culture Marijuana Growing Insider Secrets, Part Two

In our first article revealing the insider secrets of deep water culture (DWC) you read that DWC supercharges your marijuana plants for faster growth, more potency, and heavier harvests. We got questions from people who’ve never used DWC, and from growers using DWC who want to better tune their systems. The first thing is to […]

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Marijuana Hydroponics Grow Lights

Hortilux PowerVeg T5 Hydroponics Grow Lights Give Marijuana Growers Extra UVA & UVB

Most marijuana growers have heard UVA and UVB ultraviolet radiation increases production of THC, CBD, and other marijuana compounds. The indoor marijuana community has long realized we want lighting technology that produces plant-stimulating amounts of UVA and UVB. We also learned that a hydroponics bulb with the ability to deliver significant intensity of UV light […]

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Marijuana Deep Water Culture

High-Yielding Deep Water Culture Marijuana Growing, Part 1

Deep water culture marijuana growing is very popular because it supercharges your marijuana plants to create massive roots, faster growth, heavier yields, and more THC. But before jumping right in to growing cannabis with deep water culture (DWC) hydroponics systems, let’s get expert advice. We talked to Michael Straumietis, founder and owner of hydroponics nutrients […]

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Plasma Glow Light Cannabis

Chameleon Plasma Grow Lights Increase Potency & Yield for Your Marijuana Plants

Light is one of the “nutrients” your marijuana plants need the most. If you’re growing outdoors under optimum conditions, your cannabis plants get max light intensity and ideal wavelengths during late spring and summer. But when you grow marijuana indoors, you substitute electricity and hydroponics lighting for the sun. And the type of lighting equipment […]

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Marijuana Obama

President Barack Obama: Right & Wrong About Marijuana

President Barack Obama recently told an interviewer that young people should put marijuana legalization at the bottom of their political change priority list. “It shouldn’t be young people’s biggest priority,” Obama said. “Let’s put it in perspective. Young people, I understand this is important to you. But you should be thinking about climate change, the […]

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Marijuana Canopy

Managing Your Canopy For Maximum Marijuana Yield

I want to share my thoughts about the importance of an even canopy in your marijuana garden. When you have both tall and short cannabis plants in a room the shorter plants miss the same light intensity and the tall plants force you to raise the lights higher than needed. When the tops of the […]

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Marijuana Motherplants

Marijuana Motherplants: Lighting, Root Zone & Feeding, Part 3

This is the third article in our series on marijuana motherplants. In our first two articles, we learned motherplants are valuable to many marijuana growers because they allow you to take many generations of clones from favorite female genetics. And that motherplants have to be specially lit and cared for due to their tendency to […]

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