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cannabis in Thailand

Will Thailand Become The First Nation In Asia To Legalize Cannabis?

While drug laws in the United States have gradually become more lenient, regulations in Southeast Asia remain on the opposite end of the spectrum. The death penalty has long been meted out for drug-related crimes in several countries on the Asian continent, including Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. However, the government of Thailand is contemplating […]

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Philadelphia DA Declines To Prosecute 300 Cannabis Cases

On The Streets Of Philadelphia, You’ll Be Less Likely To Get Busted For Weed

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner isn’t playing around when it comes to cannabis in the city of brotherly love. According to Metro US, Philadelphia prosecutors have declined to prosecute 293 cases related to purchasing cannabis. This is the result of Krasner’s new policy, announced back in March, instructing prosecutors not to charge for possession of […]

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marijuana dui

Marijuana and Driving: Marijuana DUI Police Warning

A recent Georgia traffic stop and arrest for alleged marijuana DUI typifies ongoing problems caused by marijuana DUI laws and police abuses. According to police reports, a Georgia traffic cop recently stopped driver Katelyn Ebner, a 23-year-old waitress who had just left work. Ebner was bewildered when Officer Tracy Carroll said Ebner had crossed the […]

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Quitting marijuana

Quitting Marijuana: Making the Best of a Bad Situation

One of the biggest challenges I ever faced happened when I got busted for growing marijuana and was put on pre-trial mandatory, weekly drug testing. The judge warned me if I tested dirty, my bail money would be forfeited and I’d be put in jail until trial. The trial wasn’t going to happen for at […]

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