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Label Du Jour: Why The Cannabis Industry Needs Better National Packaging Standards

As things currently stand, different states that have legalized adult-use cannabis have different requirements for how marijuana products must be labeled. A large part of the debate over labeling is related to portion control, with many policymakers and cannabis critics complaining that more potent marijuana products can cause people to be overly inebriated if they […]

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Cannabis recipe

High Holidaze: 12 Days Of Festive Cannabis-Infused Recipes. Day 3 — Cinnamon Applesauce

The Festival of Lights is upon us, and anyone celebrating during this time knows one of the perfect toppings for latkes is homemade applesauce. This simple and delicious condiment is packed full of healthy nutrients, vitamins and pectin. Applesauce speaks of winter and highlights the latke, one of Hanukkah’s mainstay dishes. You can eat latkes […]

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Adjusting Medical Marijuana Dosage to Get Maximum Effects

When you use pharmaceutical medicines, you’re familiar with taking a specified number of pills or amount of medicine based on instructions provided by the pharmacist. When you use medical marijuana, you don’t get such specific instructions. That’s why it’s important for you to learn about adjusting the dosage of medical marijuana to fit your needs. […]

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